Federal Bureau of Prisons signs new $60m contract with UMass Medical School

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has awarded a new five-year contract to UMass Medical School to continue coordinating health care services for inmates at the Federal Medical Center in Devens, UMass Medical School said Wednesday.

The new contract is valued at $60 million over five years. UMass Medical School has assisted in managing medical care for 1,100 inmates at the facility since 2001.

With the Devens renewal, UMass Medical School said it has contracts with two of the six hospital prisons in the Federal Bureau of Prisons system nationally. The school’s correctional health division also manages the medical care at all 17 state prisons in Massachusetts.


“This new contract is an indication of our growing expertise at serving correctional populations at both the federal and the state levels,” Joyce A. Murphy, executive vice chancellor for UMass Medical School/Commonwealth Medicine, said in a statement.

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