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    Market Basket replacement worker arrested after waving hammer

    A replacement truck driver working for Market Basket was arrested after brandishing a hammer at protesters outside the company’s Tewksbury warehouse.

    Jon Dixon, a Market Basket employee who was at the protest and witnessed the incident, said the driver was subdued by police after exiting his truck and approaching picketing protesters with a hammer.

    Dixon described the driver as belligerent before he was arrested, shouting at protesters on his way into the warehouse’s parking lot and stopping his truck only a few feet away from protesters before exiting his cab and approaching them with a hammer.


    “He was very, very aggressive,” said Dixon, who noted that protesters had heckled the driver and other replacement drivers on their way in and out of the warehouse. “He was hanging out of the window of his cab.”

    Tewksbury police were not immediately available for comment, but said that a man was being booked in connection to an incident at the warehouse.

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