Boston’s PureTech raises $50 million for healthcare research

PureTech Ventures, LLC, a Boston-based funder of healthcare research, has raised an additional $50 million from investors.

The company, which also goes by the name PureTech Health, has large shares in a dozen therapeutic and healthcare technology companies and says it helps them grow and commercialize their research. The company said it reviews about 800 proposals a year. Combined with the $57 million it raised in Oct. 2014, PureTech has raised $107 million in the last four months.

‘‘It’s exciting to see that a number of these truly innovative approaches are generating proof of concept in validating studies and the recent institutional financing is a further recognition of this potential,” said Dr. Robert Langer, a senior partner at PureTech and professor at MIT.


The company’s most recent funding round drew from its existing investors, which include senior executives at healthcare companies and Invesco Perpetual. PureTech was founded in 2001 and has about 50 employees at its offices in the Back Bay, according to BetaBoston.

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