Mark C. Fishman (right) and Glenn Dranoff (left) are leading the Novartis cancer immunotherapy push.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

Mark C. Fishman (right) and Glenn Dranoff (left) are leading the Novartis cancer immunotherapy push.

Novartis’s cancer focus is immune system

“We’re trying to educate the immune system to recognize cancer cells as foreign. Our goal is to cure cancer,” said the company’s global research chief. By Robert Weisman

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Boston Globe wins Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing

Globe editorial writer Kathleen Kingsbury won the award for a series of editorials about restaurant labor.

Group fights children’s video app YouTube Kids

A Boston consumer group told federal regulators that YouTube Kids should be subject to existing federal regulations.

Turning churches into housing a unique challenge for developers

With open parcels scare, former churches make attractive targets for developers. But tinkering with the old and the holy comes with a particular set of challenges.

FDA may get more say over cosmetics

A bipartisan bill proposes to give the FDA broader oversight, including the authority to force recalls.


Handheld device helped protect Marathon

Emergency workers stationed along the Marathon route used a locally designed tool that allows hazmat teams to quickly detect the presence of chemical weapons.

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Tourism chief says state’s slogan is lacking

Rich Doucette says the current slogan, “It’s all here,” could be used for Ohio, or for Arkansas and that Massachusetts needs something unique.

Google’s focus on mobile could banish small firms

Starting on Tuesday, all Google searches entered on mobile devices will favor sites that have ‘‘mobile-friendly’’ websites.

Market Movers

Movie buzz drives Hasbro’s earnings up

Hasbro noted a 10 percent increase last quarter in its boy division’s sales, driven by excitement for the “Jurassic World” movie coming out in June.

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Our love gave us diamonds — purple ones

We tried not to get too excited. After all, we hadn’t even seen it in person yet. How could we fall in love online? It was all happening too fast.