People waited in line to withdraw 60 euros from an ATM in Athens, Greece, on Monday.

Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

People waited in line to withdraw 60 euros from an ATM in Athens, Greece, on Monday

Greece, Puerto Rico turbulence unlikely to hurt US economy

American markets, so calm for so long, are getting a jolt this week. But that’s all it is so far.By Steven Syre


Venture firm’s web challenge yields new name: Accomplice

Newly christened firm Accomplice opened its re-branding up to anyone online, getting 16,000 entries in search of the prize: a $25,000 stake in its VC fund.

One of the bedrooms in a Mattapan group home operated by Bay Cove Human Services.

Redesign aims to help developmentally disabled adults

A local nonprofit asked Boston Architectural College to reimagine one of its group homes to better serve its clients.



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United Airlines investing $30 million in biofuels producer

United Airlines says it is investing $30 million in a biofuels company to reduce its vulnerability to oil-price shocks and limits on carbon emissions from planes.

OxyContin maker bows out of meeting on harder-to-abuse drug

The makers of the potent painkiller OxyContin have pulled out of a federal meeting to review the company’s harder-to-abuse version of the much-debated drug.

Consumer Reports finds some newer cars burn too much oil

Newer cars aren’t supposed to need more oil between oil changes, but Consumer Reports found that some engines — mainly from Audi, BMW and Subaru — require an extra quart as often as once a month.

US stocks rebound from slump as investors follow Greek drama

US stocks gained on Tuesday afternoon, rebounding from big losses a day earlier, as investors followed the latest negotiations between the Greek government and its creditors. Greece’s international bailout program was set to expire later in the day.

Oregon growers look forward to new era of retail marijuana

On the third Thursday of each month, veteran medical marijuana growers and hopeful newbies gather in the old Williams Grange hall in a small rural Oregon valley long known for growing some of the best cannabis on the planet.

Partners to close Union Hospital in Lynn

The plan calls for consolidating services and adding 58 beds at the North Shore Medical Center’s Salem Hospital campus.

Carlos Slim’s Ora TV latest company to dump Trump

A TV company backed by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim says it will scrap a project it was developing with real estate mogul Donald Trump because of comments he made about Mexican immigrants.

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A first bite of Apple Music

Apple has come late to streaming, goaded into action by fading sales of digital music at its iTunes store.