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Reaction to DraftKings leak, from Web forums to executive suites

The data leak has players, investors, and lawmakers questioning whether the fantasy sports companies are behaving properly.

Evan Horowitz | Quick study

What is fantasy sports betting and why is it legal?

What regulations should apply to an industry that seems so very much like gambling?

After its push into Boston, People’s United Bank lagged in community investment, feds say

The Connecticut bank earned an overall satisfactory grade for its community investments in the six states in which it operates. But in the Boston area, it needs to improve, regulators said.

When you make minimum wage, day care costs are staggering

Child-care costs would now devour at least 30 percent of a minimum-wage worker’s earnings in every state, a new report found.

Can Mass. do health care better, cheaper, and more efficiently?

During a week of big questions, this may be one of the biggest. Health care leaders will tackle it Wednesday as part of HUBweek.

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DraftKings, based in Boston, issued a statement with competitor FanDuel saying they are taking steps to protect the games’ integrity.

Stephan Savoia/Associated Press

DraftKings, FanDuel team up to defend integrity of games

The companies issued a joint statement after a DraftKing employee, who won $350,000 on its rival’s site, said he posted stats early online.

Pacific trade ministers have reached a deal on the most sweeping trade liberalization pact in a generation that will cut trade barriers and set common standards for 12 countries. President Obama must now work to push the deal through a skeptical Congress.

Deal reached on Pacific Rim trade pact

President Obama hailed the completion Monday of a historic 12-nation Pacific Rim trade deal that he said ‘‘reflects America’s values.”

Trade pact offers shorter protection against copies of medications

Initial reports suggested the sweeping deal won’t provide the 12 years of commercial protection the US-based biopharma industry had sought.

Karen Fish-Will

Bold Types

Housing for homeless veterans

Peabody Properties started modestly in the veterans housing business, but now have two additional projects underway.

Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer.

STAT | Pharmalot

A case for taking risks on drugs for the dying

Federal regulators should be willing to approve more riskier drugs if it means bringing life-saving medicines to market for diseases with few good treatment options.



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