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State pension fund return flat through August

The Massachusetts state pension fund came out of the stock market’s late August dive with a virtually flat return for the year, according to results made public Tuesday.

Staples changes executive severance policy

Retailer, responding to shareholders, adopts new plan requiring vote for some payouts to top executives.

This winter, there’s an app for the lift line

Cory von Wallenstein is the first to admit that using Bluetooth beacons has major potential to aggravate consumers.

Twitter purging up to 336 workers as new CEO slashes costs

Twitter is laying off up to 336 employees, signaling CEO Jack Dorsey’s resolve to slash costs while the company struggles to make money.

Scott Kirsner | Beta Boston

EMC’s defense of employee noncompetes stunted growth of startups

EMC’s stance on noncompetes inhibited the growth of a strong storage and data management ecosystem here.

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Flowers bloomed Monday near an entrance to an EMC building in Hopkinton.

Steven Senne/Associated Press

EMC sale will hurt, but impact not insurmountable

The state’s overall tech industry is awash in new ventures and startups, from mobile applications to big data to robotics.

Hiawatha Bray | Analysis

// A legacy of misses among state’s technology companies

The state’s universities are world-class, but our business community seems unable to sustain a single top-tier tech company.

// Dell-EMC deal poses questions for Mass. tech industry

The sale amplifies the region’s long-running anxiety about falling behind West Coast competitors in one of the economy’s most dynamic sectors.

// Michael Dell stakes future on EMC buyout

The planned $67 billion buyout of the Hopkinton data-storage giant is 50-year-old Dell’s most audacious move yet.

// CEO Joseph Tucci guided EMC in boom, layoffs — and now, merger

Tucci clung fiercely to the top job at EMC Corp. from the bursting of the dot-com bubble through the Great Recession and the cloud revolution.



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