Ervin Pejo worked in an MGH anesthesiology research lab.

Ervin Pejo worked in an MGH anesthesiology research lab.

Partners moves to commercialize more of its research

The state’s biggest health system wants to commercialize more of the technology that comes out of its prestigious teaching hospitals. By Priyanka Dayal McCluskey



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Blink launches on-demand eye exams in New York City

An MIT-built service launched in New York City last week and brings an eye testing service to customers at their homes.

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Boston execs embrace the bard

Tuesday’s reading of “King Lear” will feature a big cast of characters plucked from the ranks of Boston’s business community.


Geographic profiling? Try analyzing emojis

A new report has found that Canadians are violent, Australians are drunk, and Russians are constantly in love, at least when it comes to their emoji.

Tuesday’s business agenda

Boston 2024, homes sales, and more notable events and things to know.

State’s drug makers defend high costs of medicines

The heads of the state’s most prominent drug makers feel the public doesn’t fully understand what they get for their money.

ESPN sues Verizon over new cable packages

ESPN is alleging the telecommunications company breached its contract with the network.

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Nine things you may have missed Monday from the world of business

Prosecutors awash in data in TelexFree case, Burger King posts best sales gain in almost a decade, and more news from Monday.

Steven Syre | Boston Capital

Patent crusade benefits whom?

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass has been challenging the patents that drug companies hold for some of their most lucrative medicines.

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