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Groups diving deep into Doomsday scenarios

Boston and Cambridge are sprouting think tanks that are devoting their brainpower to preparing for the technological crises of the future. By Elizabeth Preston

Drones zoomed by at an indoor US Drone Racing Association July event.


A tech sport that’s taking off: drone racing

Zooming through obstacles like an outtake from “Star Wars,” drone hobbists say this new sport is in its infancy.

New Hampshire Food Bank executive director Mel Gosselin stands where a new food processing plant will soon be built.

N.H. food bank to launch food processing plant

The nonprofit is moving beyond its mission to launch a business that supplies other pantries and creates needed jobs.



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US calls insider trading ruling ‘harmful’ in review bid

Just when Wall Street thought it was safer to trade on illicit tips, the US government is pushing to reverse what it calls a harmful and unprecedented court ruling on insider trading.

All aboard the BeatBus

Drummer Maria Finkelmeier uses the BeatBus as a base to give kids frenetic half-hour lessons on the basics of rhythm, harmony, and melody.


‘Fishiness’ led to HubSpot firing

An executive at the Cambridge company was fired for using “aggressive tactics” in trying to obtain a copy of a book about the firm.

Nine things you may have missed Thursday from the world of business


What paying fast food workers a living wage would do to the price of a Big Mac

WASHINGTON — Would you pay 17 extra cents for a Big Mac if it meant the person who prepared it could earn a living wage? What about an extra 30 cents each time you ate out at any fast-food restaurant?

Facebook ready to test giant drone for Internet service

Facebook says it will begin test flights later this year for a solar-powered drone with a wingspan as big as a Boeing 737, in the next stage of its campaign to deliver Internet connectivity to remote parts of the world.

After Olympics bid, John Fish is down but hardly out

The US Olympic Committee’s decision to ditch Boston is a setback for Fish, but local business leaders expect him to bounce back.

Gemvara pins hopes on resetting old stones

Gemvara has been trying to crack into the jewelry business for nearly 10 years by letting people customize their baubles. Now, it's hoping to grow its sales by resetting old stones that customers already have in their jewelry box.

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