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Eight things you might have missed Friday from the world of business

For ESPN, apologies become commonplace

ESPN, which bills itself as the worldwide leader in sports, has been leading in another category lately: apologies.

Boston business schools struggle to counter low black representation, inclusion

Business schools across the country are vexed by low numbers of black students, but perhaps nowhere as much as Greater Boston.

Should the Fed raise interest rates?

Gyrations in global stock markets have renewed the debate over whether the Fed should hike rates next month.

Tax-free savings accounts for disabled are expected in 2016

Special savings accounts for people with disabilities are likely to become available in most states next year.

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User testing that mixes cocktails and coding

A Cambridge event recently played on the idiom that an interface should be designed as though the user were drunk.

Shirley Leung

Walsh and Wynn need a truce

Whether the mayor likes it or not, Wynn is about to become one of Boston’s biggest neighbors.

Merger report boosts Ariad stock

Discussions with the developer of leukemia and lung-cancer treatments continue and there is no certainty a deal will be reached.

// FDA approves Marlborough company’s epilepsy drug

An epilepsy tablet made by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals won US approval Friday to be sold as a primary therapy.



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Top Places to Work

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// Top Places to Work 2014

Love your workplace? These companies keep their employees happy and motivated.

Data desk

// Bike fatalities rise in Greater Boston’s suburbs

The number of reported bicycle accidents has increased in recent years, and fatalities have more than tripled.

Living Longer, Living Better

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//[1].jpg Slowing down? Not a chance

If age is just a number, the number 55 means you love traveling, might be downsizing, are transitioning in jobs, and you aren’t sleeping great. Don’t fret.

Longwood – A City Within a City

//[1]--90x90.jpg A first breath, and a last breath. In Longwood, that’s life

As a Randolph woman prepares to go home for the final time, a young couple experiences the other end of the life cycle.