Boston, MA, 05/04/09 - Tim Inthirakoth cq, picks up a hybrid zipcar from James Court garage in the South End on Monday, May. 04, 2008. (Photo / Wiqan Ang) Desk: Business Category: Section front Reporter: Clifford Atiyeh 203-415-7723. Editor: Mark Pothier Library Tag 09232009

Wiqan Ang for The Boston Globe

Boston is launching a pilot program that could let car-sharing services, such as Zipcar, use 200 of the city’s public spaces.

Car-sharing pilot may take precious city parking spots

Boston is launching a program that could gobble up at least 200 public parking spaces in an effort to promote car-sharing. By Jon Chesto

The sale of South Shore Hospital in Weymouth was part of the proposed settlement.

Richard W. Green/South Shore Hospital

Partners ruling could have national implications

The decision rejecting Partners’ acquisition of three hospitals is casting doubt on expansion strategies at hospitals nationwide.

Mass. economy outpaced nation in 2014

The state’s economy expanded significantly faster than the nation’s at the end of the year, according to a UMass report.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Greece must abide by the agreements under which it received $270 billion in rescue loans.

Germany scolds Greece on debt talk

Germany bluntly rejecting suggestions the heavily indebted country should be forgiven part of its rescue loans.

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Americans consume more calories on Super Bowl Sunday than on any other day of the year, studies show.

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Drug approved to treat binge eating, Teapot Dome oilfield sold, and more.

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Heed the rules of the house

You will build stronger, better, more positive relationships by making an effort to learn not just about the place, but also the culture you will visit.

Germany scolds Greece on debt talk

Germany bluntly rejecting suggestions the heavily indebted country should be forgiven part of its rescue loans.

Family claims Texas man killed by faulty air bag

The family is alleging in a lawsuit that their loved one is the latest person to be killed by shrapnel shooting out of exploding air bags.

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