The Epic campus in Verona, Wis., Wednesday, July 1, 2015. (Andy Manis for The Boston Globe)

Andy Manis for The Boston Globe

The treehouse on the Epic campus in Verona, Wis., hosts small meetings.

Epic Systems’ headquarters reflect company’s creativity, growth

Epic has become the dominant provider of electronic medical record systems for doctors and hospitals across the country. By Priyanka Dayal McCluskey

David Bookbinder saved $600 a year by switching to Allstate for his auto insurance.

Pricey car insurance policies test consumers

Even though insurance regulators and pro-athlete pitchmen urge consumers to compare prices, 1 in 3 policyholders have never shopped for insurance quotes.

// Biogen seen vulnerable to takeover after sell-off

The Cambridge biotechnology giant now may have to make a bold move to reassure investors.



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Brattle Group plows ahead with report on Olympics

They call themselves Brattlers, and Charlie Baker said their report on the Summer Games must go on.

Ten things you may have missed Tuesday from the world of business


For low-wage Latina workers, gender pay gap is vast

The already yawning gender wage gap becomes a chasm in some lower-income jobs, especially for Hispanic women, new UMass-Boston research shows.

Amazon envisions distinct drone zones for future delivery fleet

The first wave of long-range commercial drones should be allowed to operate in a narrow, low-altitude band and must agree to be tracked, according to’s vision of the future.

Long days and new competitors challenge Fenway Park sausage vendor

After 41 seasons, Fenway Park street vendor wonders how much longer he can last in a neighborhood teeming with dining options that didn’t exist for most of his career.

State pension watchdog urges lawmakers to uphold reforms

The state’s pension watchdog group is urging the Legislature to uphold a measure aimed at greater oversight of money in local retirement systems.

US official says Puerto Rico should get access to bankruptcy

US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Tuesday that creating a path as soon as possible to allow Puerto Rico’s government to file for bankruptcy would help the US territory recover from its economic crisis.

Ford’s profits jump 44 percent, soaring past forecasts

Reversing a period of lackluster earnings, Ford Motor Co. on Tuesday reported robust profits, surging 44 percent in the second quarter compared with a year earlier.

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