US waters create potential for shellfish farming

Wild Ocean Aquaculture is co-owned by Matthew Moretti (center).

Photos by Greta Rybus for The Boston Globe

With federal waters opening up to aquaculture, shellfish farming may play a bigger role in the future of New England’s seafood industry.

In June, chef Adam Melonas opened an incubator for food products on the edge of Central Square, Chew Lab. Pictured: Ethan Beswick, a Chew food scientist, performed a vapor extraction of flavors.

Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

Infinite Web shelf space sparks a surge of food startups

Big companies in search of the next big taste are nurturing and acquiring startups.

Anwell Tsai and his son, Alec, 6, played a Chinese spouting bowl. Alex helps Tsai test new techniques for his Playful Tunes music instruction program for children.

On the Job

Lexington violinist teaches kids to tell musical stories

Anwell Tsai, an accomplished violin soloist, is founder of Lexington based Playful Tunes.

Etiquette at Work

When your brand doesn’t measure up

In business, the other person’s opinion really matters. That person may be in a position to affect your success.

Don’t assume shopping at an outlet mall means you’re getting second-rate merchandise.

Outlet bargains tough to beat

When it comes to fashion, outlet bargains are tough to beat. Here are five trends that make shopping at those bustling bargain bazaars even more exciting.

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Lenders limited on what they can ask disabled borrowers

Lenders ask for a lot these days when people apply for a mortgage, which is why it’s not unusual for a loan application to be 300 to 500 pages long.

Snapshot: Europe, China news lift US stocks

US stocks capped a week Friday with record highs on the Dow and S&P 500, extending gains for the week.

‘Area Four’ residents live in the shadow of the future

Growing prosperity in Kendall Square is doing little to lift up the low-income residents around it.

Seven things you should know about Robert Davy

Davy was recently named Microsoft Corp.’s new general manager in New England. A former AT&T executive , he joined Microsoft a decade ago.

Etiquette at Work

When your brand doesn’t measure up

In business, the other person’s opinion really matters. That person may be in a position to affect your success.

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