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More jobs, lower gas prices mean rise in Thanksgiving travel

All major transportation sectors – airlines, trains, buses and automobiles – are projecting an uptick in holiday travel.

New tax bills come as shock to owners of multifamily homes

The new property assessments sent out by the city last week are hitting owners of small multifamily buildings especially hard.

Rise in Early Cervical Cancer Detection Is Linked to Affordable Care Act

Cancer researchers say there has been a substantial increase in women under the age of 26 who have received a diagnosis of early-stage cervical cancer.

Renault Espace Exceeds Pollution Limits, German Environmental Group Says

A German environmental group said a Renault diesel passenger van produces up to 25 times as much pollution as allowed.

VW faces fresh probe over tax violation claims in Germany

Volkswagen is facing a new criminal investigation after publishing incorrect emissions data that gave some drivers tax breaks that may have been unjustified.

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While Big Pharma gets bigger, local biotechs innovate

Overshadowed by the Pfizer-Allergan merger was a much smaller deal that highlights what makes the Mass. biotech industry tick.

About $2 billion in cuts are planned in the Pfizer-Allergan merger.


Pfizer-Allergan deal is about pumping up revenue

The merger could cause scientists to lose their jobs and consumers to pay more for their medicines.


A low-maintenance friend to keep you company

The $99 robotic cat from Hasbro is programmed to roll over and purr when it’s petted and stroked.

Secretary of State William Galvin testified on the bill.

Galvin backs bill to require state-run pension as option

The secretary of state testified at a State House hearing on a bill he has proposed to create a state-administered plan.

 Mayor Martin J. Walsh is at odds with Governor Charlie Baker over expanding the convention center.

Mayor gauges business about convention center expansion

As he plans his priorities for the new year, Marty Walsh is apparently trying to figure out how high a convention center expansion should be on that list.

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