Child poverty continues to climb in Mass.

The issue is partly caused by costly day care and housing and the proliferation of low-wage jobs, specialists said.

Sick leave measure divides workers, businesses

In November, Mass. voters will weigh in on a plan to let workers earn sick time.

Billing dispute leads to blocked patient data in Maine

The battle, which pitted a tiny medical office against a German corporation, may have broader implications.

Fitchburg bank will pay $3.5m in TelexFree case

A community bank in Fitchburg allegedly allowed TelexFree to open accounts without vetting its business.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus scored high in tests to gauge how well they will survive everyday accidents.

Marcio Jose Sanchez /Associated Press/File 2014

New iPhones more durable, tests suggest

Apple’s new and bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are more durable than last year’s model and a leading Android phone, a study says.

Mice are being developed that can be implanted with human cancer cells, allowing for drug tests on those human cells.

Aram Boghosian/Boston Globe

‘Avatar’ mice help develop new cancer treatments

The new type of lab mouse is implanted with a patients’ actual cancer so scientists can develop a custom treatment plan.


From MIT, a spacesuit for the future

A new spacesuit under development at MIT clings to a person’s body like a pair of running tights.


Let the phone be your political adviser

Politics influences our daily lives. One way to keep on top of the latest in political intrigue is on your smartphone.

Palmer Luckey, Oculus’s founder, taped and glued together the first prototype in 2011 in his garage.

Oculus brings the virtual closer to reality

Virtual reality is virtually here — although its first incarnation will come with short battery life and a tendency to induce motion sickness.


Software targets cloud problems

Ruxit has unveiled its new software for helping cloud app companies to solve performance issues more quickly.


Army awards 2 contracts in Mass. for emergency robots

Boston-area companies CyPhy Works and iRobot received contracts to build robots that can find and defuse explosives in pipes.


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