Pressure builds to allow US exports of crude

US Senator Edward J. Markey is against the export of crude oil from the US.

Photo illustration by Lesley Becker/Globe Staff; AP

US Senator Edward Markey is fighting a lonely, and perhaps futile, battle to prevent the overseas export of crude oil gushing from US shale fields.

Marci Loeber.

Seven things you should know about Marci Loeber

Marci Griffith Loeber is principal of Griffith Properties.

Paul Osimo is an industrial designer for Aqua Leisure in Avon. Designing flat objects that blow up, like this inflatable pool toy, is a unique challenge, he said.

On the job

Designer sculpts with air for water

Paul Osimo, an industrial designer at Aqua Leisure of Avon, designs or reviews inflatable products for the sporting goods company.

Kate Creagh, head of human resources for Commonwealth Financial Network, says the Waltham company offers entry-level employees plenty of ways to advance their careers.

Top Places to work

Opportunities for those ‘willing to do the work’

There are plenty of entry-level positions with opportunities to advance at this Waltham financial services firm.

Etiquette at work

Courtesy is required, no matter what method of contact

Does etiquette ever change? Yes, it does over time.

The connected features in today’s cars provide many benefits, but require disclosing personal details.

Product Reviews

Advances in technology pose new privacy concerns

The connected features in today’s cars provide many benefits, but the trade-off is giving away some personal information.

A Weston startup ran a “crowdfunding” campaign this summer to raise money to begin production of a tabletop robot, Jibo, that interacts with people, helping to manage schedules or initiate videoconferences.

Innovation Economy

A tale of two crowdfunding ventures

One wildly exceeded its fundraising goal, the other fell short. The reasons why shed light on how the dynamics of crowdfunding are changing.

Debit card’s hacking risk undermines its convenience

These days, having your credit and debit card information swiped is akin to getting a speeding ticket. It’s a rite of passage.

Ready to change jobs? Know what you want to do

Here’s some advice from career specialists how to make the most of your return to the job hunt.

Consumer Alert

Discount dispute puts value of booking service in doubt

Online booking services can help track down good airfares, but they also can introduce other problems.

Job Doc

Dealing with conflict is an essential skill

Ignoring the need to deal with conflict is not a good career move for any employee, especially managers or people aspiring to management.

Michelle Singletary

Approach a reverse mortgage cautiously

Like any other financial product, a reverse mortgage is not right for everyone.


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