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Apple Music worth the wait — but is it worth $10?

Apple Music has enough firepower to challenge the leading music subscription services, but many will still choose a free option. By Hiawatha Bray

Puerto Rico’s residents are dealing with increasing financial hardships.

Puerto Rico’s problems shine light on states’ debts

Connecticut and Mass. have the highest debt per capita among states, according to the New York bond rating agency Standard and Poor’s.


Boston woman sues Instacart over wages

A Boston woman is suing Instacart, claiming the online grocery delivery company shortchanged her on pay and expenses while she filled customer orders.



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Five things you should know about Todd Millay of Choate Investment Advisors

Todd Millay tends to some $4 billion in wealth by day. In his free time, he does Olympic-style weight lifting in Dorchester

Getting ‘smart’ about privacy

Devices, known collectively as the Internet of Things, can send a steady flood of personal data to corporate servers.

Declare your independence from absurd scams

Americans still send millions of dollars a year to crooks who send ridiculous e-mails promising big windfalls.

Many firms allow vacation to be taken before it is earned

Q. Can you explain to me how vacation time typically works at most companies? Do you have to earn it through the year and then use it? Does that mean most employees have to wait until December to take any time off? This seems crazy to me.

Fed Loses to Greece as U.S. Stocks Endure Worst Week Since March

U.S. stocks fell the most since March this week as the escalating crisis in Greece stole attention from the U.S. economy and Federal Reserve.

US stocks slip on mixed US jobs report, Greek fears

Stocks ended a tumultuous trading week with slight losses Thursday as investors sought safety ahead of an extended holiday weekend.

Whole Foods apologizes for pricing problems

Whole Foods Market is apologizing to its shoppers for incorrect pricing, a week after a New York investigation found that the natural food grocer routinely overcharged for prepackaged fruits, vegetables and deli meats.

US Chamber forms coalition to fend off activist hedge funds

Corporations are turning to the nation’s biggest business lobby to help fend off activist investors such as Dan Loeb and Bill Ackman.

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