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Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

What’s next for Kendall Square?

The past five years have seen brand-name companies set up shop in the square, hiring thousands of people in the process.

Four stories of escaping poverty in Boston

Finding a way to move up and out was daunting, but acquiring skills helped make it work for these four people.

Globe’s Top Places to Work nominations due June 26

The survey determines the companies that will be featued in a special edition of the Boston Globe magazine on Nov. 15.

Sunday MBA

Diversifying yourself is key to keeping work ethic healthy

If we spend all our time working and thinking about work, then we see ourselves as workers and nothing more.

Job Doc

Performance improvement plan a shocker

Such plans should almost never come as a surprise, unless there was something done that was so concerning and unexpected that the plan needed to be developed quickly.

On the Job

Mechanic keeps buses in ‘State of Good Repair’

Lead mechanic Eldon Livingston, 78, has worked for Paul Revere Transportation for more than two decades.

Government to review mystery of slow first-quarter growth

The US economy frequently grows at a much slower pace between January and March than in the other nine months.

Consumer Reports | Product Review

As shellfish boom in popularity, environmental damage, safety are concerns

The average American eats almost 4 pounds of shrimp per year, making it more popular than tuna.