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UK Treasury chief urges calm amid Brexit

The British economy is strong and will be able to weather the challenge, said George Osborne.

In the wake of Brexit, market struggles continue

The pound fell further against the dollar and US stock index futures slipped as Asian markets opened for the week.

Tense talks led to Brigham, nurses deal

Sunday’s agreement was the culmination of almost 10 months of often-contentious negotiations.

Technology firms cope with uncertainty after Brexit

In Britain, a majority of tech firms were against leaving the European Union.

Markets brace for more volatility as investors digest Brexit vote

There remains a distinct possibility that more selling pressure will emerge this week as the shock continues to sink in.

App Smart

Standouts in mobile gaming

Numerous video game titles were showcased at the recent E3 industry show, and many exhibitors emphasized mobile gaming.

Monday’s business agenda

Massachusetts gas prices, innovation showcase, and more notable things to know.

Chipping in to grow a better tomato

The sweet, tart flavor of a ripe tomato is one of those pleasures of summer. Just not to Rob O’Reilly.

Brexit raises questions for global tech industry

The British vote to leave the European Union has raised many questions for the global technology industry.

MBTA pension fund’s money shortage worsens

The plan, with $1.5 billion in assets and $2.6 billion in future obligations, is just 58 percent funded.

Brigham, nurses laud agreement that averts strike

A deal was announced early Sunday morning that avoids what would have been the state’s biggest nurses strike.

Energy Transfer wins ruling on escaping Williams deal

Energy Transfer Equity will be allowed to terminate its $38 billion merger with the Williams Cos.

Pay attention to your auto-loan options

Consumers rigorously research the vehicles they are contemplating buying, without applying the same scrutiny to their loan options.

Simplify your home via low-maintenance living

The home that works the best is the one that requires the least amount of upkeep. Seven tips from Consumer Reports will help you benefit from the low-maintenance living trend.

Well-intentioned cosigning gone wrong

My rule on co-signing a loan: don’t do it. But here are suggestions on setting standards should you decide to do so anyway.


At Motorsport Lab, everyday people meet superstar cars

Ray Chang runs an exotic car experience, which puts drivers behind the wheel of iconic vehicles like Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

6 tips on how to improve your résumé

Consider some tips that address common résumé problems.

Global stocks tumble after Britain votes to leave the EU

Stocks plunged in the U.S. and worldwide Friday after Britain voted to leave the European Union. The result stunned investors, who reacted by rushing to the safety of gold and U.S. government bonds as they wondered what will come next for Britain, Europe and the global economy.

Health insurer’s limit on insulin pumps worries patients

Stephanie Rodenberg-Lewis wasn’t happy with her insulin pump and finally switched two years ago to another brand. Now her health insurer is pushing her to go back.

World markets roiled by Brexit as stocks, pound drop; gold soars

Global markets buckled as Britain’s vote to leave the European Union drove the pound to the lowest level in more than 30 years.

Senate GMO labeling deal would ban state requirements

Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Agriculture Committee have struck a deal that would create the first nationwide standard for foods containing genetically modified organisms.

Trouble on the HomeAway front

Policy changes and new fees have led many longtime customers of the vacation rental behemoth to go in a different direction.

Hamilton Co. proposes Allston apartments

Most of the units would be two-bedrooms, and rents, Hamilton Co. said, would be well below downtown prices.

Boston Consulting heading for Seaport office building

Boston Consulting Group said Friday that it has signed a lease to occupy more than half of a 13-story office building now under construction on Pier 4.

Five things you should know about Jesse Kanson-Benanav

Kanson-Benanav is a pro-housing activist in Cambridge.

After 12 hours, Brigham, nurses still at it

No deal had been announced as of 9 p.m. Friday, but both sides were committed to continuing into the night.

A Brexit upside? Cheaper UK vacations

With the value of the British pound plummeting, now may be a good time to head to London.

Boston real estate could benefit from Brexit

European property investors may see better value — and stability — in Mass.

Wall Street banks on Friday scrambled to contain Brexit fallout

Several banks have indicated that they would be forced to move thousands of employees out of London, as Brexit threatens to disrupt their operations.

Mass. may soon have a Brexit problem

The UK is a significant market for Massachusetts exports.

After Brexit, US stocks tumble the most in 10 months

The Dow Jones Industrial Average had dropped about 600 points by Friday’s closing bell.

US investors should brace for rough aftermath of Brexit vote

The major US stock indexes declined more than 3 percent Friday, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged more than 600 points, wiping out all its gains for 2016.

Gold surges to highest since 2014 as media predicts vote for Brexit

Gold surged to the highest level in more than two years in a frantic global hunt for haven assets.

World markets roil over Brexit vote

Wall Street was due to open sharply lower, with Dow and S&P 500 futures down 2.4 percent and 3.2 percent.

shirley leung

Redstone drama may be a movie biz love story

To truly understand the Redstone family’s fight for their $40 billion fortune, you have to remember how they got there.

Led Zeppelin is cleared in ‘Stairway’ theft trial

Led Zeppelin did not steal a riff from an obscure 1960s instrumental for the introduction of its classic rock anthem “Stairway to Heaven,” a federal jury decided Thursday.

This nurses’ strike plan is a novel one

It’s the first time National Nurses United has launched simultaneous strikes — to make it hard for hospitals to find temps.

Bank of America to pay $415 million to settle SEC inquiry

The SEC found Merrill Lynch to have misused billions of dollars of client money to finance its own trades.

Nation’s largest banks all pass Fed’s ‘stress tests’

The nation’s largest financial institutions have enough armor to withstand the turmoil of a major and prolonged US and global recession, the Federal Reserve said Thursday.


Nasty fight undoes promise of Xfund venture firm

Xfund was formed to finance startups emerging from Harvard and MIT, but a fight between two partners got out of control.

‘Pier-to-pier’ boat sharing surges in Boston

Rental companies like Boatbound, Boatsetter, and GetMyBoat have made the region a competitive and popular market.

VW emissions settlement could reach $10.2b

Volkswagen diesel owners first learned of the deception in September, and most have seen the value of their cars decline.

MLS trying to build the game

As Major League Soccer expands, New England lags behind the league’s push for soccer-specific stadiums.

Cambridge music software firm iZotope secures $7.5 million in financing

iZotope’s programs help everyone from Skrillex to Butch Vig create and manipulate audio.

Harvard settles lawsuit over royalty payments

Former graduate student Mark G. Charest claimed his research contribution was undervalued.

Stocks jump as Britons vote on EU membership

US stocks made their biggest gains in a month Thursday.

‘Crowdgranting’ now available for public projects in Mass.

MassDevelopment, a quasi-public economic development state agency, is introducing “crowdgranting,” a spinoff of crowdfunding that will match up to $50,000 for community improvement projects like beach cleanups or farmers’ markets.

GE gets personal (about medicine) in Marlborough

The company’s health care division aims to supply equipment to make custom therapies.

Friday’s business agenda

Mobile app design, coffee networking, and more notable things to know.

GE’s Boston headquarters may grow by a third

The industrial giant plans to build a 12-story structure with 293,000 square feet alongside two older brick buildings on Necco Court that will be renovated.