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In global expansion, Netflix makes friends with cable, cellphone carriers

The deals give Netflix almost instantaneous access to potential users without having to spend a fortune on advertising and distribution deals.

Startups’ latest nut to crack: food allergies

A number of Boston companies have launched non-medical alternatives to help allergy sufferers better maneuver through life.

Internet privacy rules headed for showdown

A new FCC chairman and Republicans in Congress are threatening to repeal privacy rules for Internet service providers.


Pharma urges FDA to delay rule on policing off-label marketing

The rule says drug makers must update product labels if there is evidence a company intended its medicine to be used off label.

In Vancouver, high drama over new Trump tower

The furies unleashed by Donald Trump’s rise to the US presidency are shaking the Pacific coast city.

The next shakeup at law firms: interior design

Boston is slow to embrace big changes. Boston’s staid legal community, even slower. But at least one major law firm is mixing it up.


How to attract millennial workers

Once you’ve identified the type of candidate you seek, then you need to zero in on what makes your organization most or least attractive to that population.

From rock musician to crowdfunding medical startups

Jerry Harrison, who turned 68 last week, went into music production and the tech startup world after Talking Heads broke up in 1991.

J.C. Penney to close up to 140 stores

The department store giant’s latest quarterly results, also released Friday, illustrate its struggle to connect with shoppers: Sales were down 0.7 percent at stores open more than a year.

Consumer Reports

Don’t lose sleep over choosing a mattress

If possible, lie on any mattress you’re considering. And check return policies before you buy.

Five things you should know about Marianne Paley Nadel

Paley Nadel helped launch the Maker Innovation Lab Lawrence, the city’s first makerspace for the next generation of innovators in the Everett Mills.

Talking Points

Vertex’s rebound, law firm’s big shift, more

In today’s Talking Points: a big law firm’s move in Boston, the rebound at one of our largest biotechs, and more.

Home of the Week

Danvers condo with private road looks out at marina

At $1 each, these two homes come with a catch

They are very likely the best real estate “deals” in town, but, of course, there is a catch.

Contractor cited for past wage, safety violations agrees to join union

The Lunenburg company signed a deal with the carpenters union after paying $2.4 million to settle wage violations with the Department of Labor.

Swiss company to use Children’s hospital as trial site for Duchenne drug

Santhera Pharmaceuticals also recently opened an office in Burlington.


How to spend less than you earn

Here are some tips on lowering credit card debt and building an emergency savings fund at the same time.

J.C. Penney to close up to 140 stores

The department store giant’s latest quarterly results, also released Friday, illustrate its struggle to connect with shoppers.

Martin Shkreli’s ‘tornado of chaos’ has his ex-lawyer running for cover

Shkreli’s notorious antics have created “a bizarre one-of-a-kind spectacle” — designed to win an acquittal like O.J. Simpson — but might ultimately sink Evan Greebel, his lawyer said.

Like a broken record

As one-day gains go, the Dow Jones industrial average’s 34.72 point rise on Thursday was insignificant, a mere 0.17 percent.

US factory CEOs to Trump: Jobs exist; skills don’t

Some of the CEOs who met with the president suggested that there are still plenty of openings for US factory jobs but too few qualified people to fill them.

Developer hopes to tap into Dorchester’s Port Norfolk

A South Boston-based developer is aiming to develop and design a complex that would include condos, a hotel and restaurant, and marina slips.

Google firm develops system to help cull toxic comments from websites

Jigsaw, a technology incubator within Alphabet, says it has developed a new tool for Web publishers to identify toxic comments that can undermine a civil exchange of ideas.

Renaissance partners battle over Trump, WSJ says

A Renaissance Technologies partner went public with his strong objections to top executive Robert Mercer’s support for the president.

Newton developer opts for affordable housing project in face of opposition

Building under state law 40B would allow developer Robert Korff to bypass some local zoning restrictions.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

Millennials may never get out of their parents’ homes

Why has living at home become so en vogue among millennials?

Ruling may test Mnuchin’s zeal for Fannie-Freddie overhaul

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s seriousness about overhauling the nation’s $10 trillion mortgage market will soon be tested.

Friday’s business agenda

Workshops, bootcamps, and more notable events and things to know.

Stocks mixed as investors temper expectations for economy

Stocks wobbled as investors tempered expectations for faster economic growth.

‘I’ve seen the magic before.’ GE CEO recalls Trump hole-in-one

Boston-based GE chief executive Jeff Immelt was among a number of manufacturing CEOs who visited the White House to meet with the President.

Trump’s moves could embolden unscrupulous employers

The possibility of arrest could keep undocumented workers from speaking out about unsafe conditions, advocates say.


They want you to invade their spaces

Not long ago, “co-working” setups were novelties; now they’re attracting crowds.

Wahlbergs embroiled in food fight

The Wahlbergs are being sued by business partners who say they were shut out of Wahlburgers expansion plans.

Amazon picks Back Bay for Boston expansion

The e-commerce and tech giant, already a presence in Cambridge, plans to lease space in the new WeWork building.

Automakers ask EPA chief to toss Obama emissions decision

Automakers want a decision that upheld light-vehicle greenhouse gas emissions standards through 2025 to be withdrawn.

UK was biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston. Now it’s China.

Boston’s first sales mission to China comes as the country overtakes the UK as the top source of overseas visitors to the Hub.

A Trump effect hits El Paso’s economy

Each day, tens of thousands of people cross the three bridges between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez

Some Fed members back quicker move on rates

The US economy appears to be avoiding the kind of winter swoon that has become an annual event in recent years.

Pension liabilities hobble GM Europe deal

GM’s pension plan for Opel and Vauxhall retirees is underfunded by about $9 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg News.

hiawatha bray | Tech Lab

You gotta fight for the right to repair your digital devices

Businesses can bar customers from tinkering with the software; those who do so could be hauled into court for copyright violations.


FTC cracks down on Maine supplement maker

Federal and state officials in Maine said the company disguised 30-minute radio advertisements as a talk radio show and repeatedly promoted fake print newspapers ads.

Sam Adams sales are down, and so is Boston Beer’s stock

Boston Beer had a rough 2016, and so far, 2017 is also looking bad.

Tech foulups cut into auto reliability ratings

Technology glitches including Bluetooth phone pairing and misunderstood voice commands put a dent in car and truck reliability scores in a major survey of automobile owners.

Thursday’s business agenda

Economic data, workshops, and more notable events and things to know.

Stocks slip from their recent record-setting gains

Investors made few big moves. They spent most of the day waiting for the minutes from the last Fed meeting, but got no surprises.


Diane Von Furstenberg to headline Simmons leadership conference

The Simmons College event has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a get-together of women from the college’s management school.


Growing number of businesses cater to autistic visitors

As general awareness of autism grows, more private businesses are changing their practices during select times to accommodate individuals with the condition.

Schoenhof’s books, a Harvard Square landmark, will live online only

After 161 years in business, the bookstore will operate only online.

Big banks launch Zelle to take on Venmo

A collection of 19 companies, including Bank of America, teamed up on a website and app that will let users send and request money.

Patent royalties curbed as Supreme Court backs Thermo Fisher

The ruling is a defeat for Promega Corp., which claimed Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.’s Life Technologies unit infringed a patent covering genetic testing kits.