Fishy business

A 2011 Globe investigation found widespread seafood mislabeling at Massachusetts stores and restaurants. A 2012 follow-up investigation found not much has changed.

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Special report | Fishy business

Accountability lost in murky fish supply chain

Handshake deals and vague invoices make it easy for mislabeling — intentional or not — to take place at the expense of consumers who end up paying more for inferior seafood.

Pacific and Atlantic cod look similar, but the Atlantic species (right) can cost $4more per pound.

Special report | Fishy business

Many Mass. restaurants still serve mislabeled fish

A year after a Globe investigation revealed widespread fish mislabeling, a new round of DNA testing shows that the problem still exists.

Report fallout

Fishy business

// Bill carries fines for mislabeled seafood

Legislation would impose fines on places that mislabel seafood and make Mass. the first state to ban escolar, known as the “ex-lax” fish.

Special report: Excess ice in frozen fish

A Globe test of 43 seafood samples from local markets found about 20 percent weighed less than indicated on their packages. Fish from Henry Gonsalves Co. (above) showed the most variance.

Sept. 23, 2012

A watered-down deal for seafood shoppers

Frozen fish from the supermarket often has an excess of ice — and consumers are paying the price.

2011 report on seafood mislabeling

Restaurants substituted tuna (left) with escolar (right), a less expensive fish that can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff

Restaurants substituted tuna (left) with escolar (right), a less expensive fish that can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Part 1

On the menu, but not on your plate

A Globe investigation found fish bought at restaurants across the region was mislabeled about half the time. Sometimes it was innocent error, but often the switch was deliberate, driven by profits.

Part 2

// Fish supply chain open to abuses

The rampant mislabeling of fish that consumers buy can be largely traced to this: the lack of anything like the regulations imposed on meat suppliers.

606 Congress executive chef Richard Garcia buys fish for the South Boston restaurant through Trace and Trust.

Fish tracking system ensures identity, freshness

The Trace and Trust program is one of several tracking fish from the boat to the customer’s plate as concerns grow over mislabeling of seafood.

// ‘Key West grouper’ in name only

A fish described by T.G.I. Friday's as Key West grouper at hundreds of restaurants across the country was later found to be Vietnamese catfish.

Bertucci’s tries to right a wrong

The story of how hake ended up as cod on the menu at 94 Bertucci’s restaurants is not unusual. But when the chain found out, they decided to fix the mislabeling.