Apple will recycle all its products for free

Customers entered Apple's Fifth Avenue store on Earth Day in Midtown Manhattan.

John Moore/Getty Images

Apple is offering free recycling and vowing to power all of its stores, offices and data centers with renewable energy.

Researchers outfitted a customized drone with a heat-sensing camera to unearth what they believe are ceremonial pits and other features at the site of an ancient village in New Mexico.

Drones unearth details about ancient village in New Mexico

Drones with heat-sensing cameras could help archaeologists shed light on mysteries long buried by eroding desert landscapes.

App Smart

Finding, comparing, and booking rooms

Booking a hotel online can be awkward and time consuming. These apps can help.

Spy-proof networks, but fears on privacy

Pilot projects financed in part by the State Department proved that mesh networks could serve poor neighborhoods in Detroit and function as a digital lifeline during Hurricane Sandy.


Company gets $10m to help develop a novel technology

FloDesign Sonics, of Wilbraham, has announced a $10 million Series A funding round, led by Bright Capital.

Criminals try to cash in on ‘Heartbleed’ bug

A Canadian man became the first person to be arrested for allegedly using the Internet security flaw to steal personal data.

Facebook new feature allows location-sharing

US users will soon be able to see which of their friends are in close proximity using a new feature the company is launching.

Tech Lab

// Fire TV’s not quite hot enough

Competing products offer better value for the money, and the market for external Internet boxes is bound to fade out in a few years.


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