Charges of sexism roil venture capital world

A jury decided that a prestigious venture capital firm did not discriminate or retaliate against Ellen Pao (pictured arriving at the courthouse Friday).

Beck Diefenbach

Local venture capitalists said the gender bias trial against Kleiner Perkins sparked conversations about gender diversity in Mass.


Classic board games, reimagined for mobile screens

Classic games that have had an app-based refresh are frequently worth the money.

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Amazon launches marketplace for services

The services in the company’s new marketplace range from the conventional, like computer troubleshooting, to the downright odd, like having goats eat your unwanted vegetation.

PlayStation gets Spotify, replacing Sony’s own music service

Spotify is coming to the PlayStation, replacing Sony’s own Music Unlimited service, as the company continues to expand the game console into an entertainment hub beyond video games.

Cook calls ‘religious objection’ laws dangerous

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that so-called “religious objection” legislation being introduced in a number states is dangerous and bad for business.

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