Young lawyers seek to shake up legal profession with mobile apps

William Palin  plans to launch a Boston-Cambridge unit of a tech group called Legal Hackers.

Wendy Maeda/Globe staff

A growing group of young, tech-savvy lawyers is dedicated to developing technology to deliver legal services more efficiently.

Aisle 411 will pinpoint the location of products you search for at Home Depot, Walgreens, and other stores.

Tech Lab

On Black Friday, shop for the right apps first

Your smart phone can help with such things as navigating your way through malls and stores, comparison shopping, and coupons.

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Google pushed to extend ‘right to be forgotten’

Google will have to change how it applies the right to be forgotten to its websites beyond the EU under rules drafted by the EU’s privacy chiefs.

Fox may go dark on Thanksgiving

The new owner of Boston’s Fox affiliate is in a heated showdown with Verizon over a proposed rate increase to carry Fox programming.

Google creates a spoon that steadies tremors

The Google version allows people with tremors and Parkinson’s disease to eat without spilling.

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