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Amazon Fire phone merely lukewarm

The online giant has delivered the features you’d expect in a top-line superphone and layered in an array of uniquely Amazonian features.

Google’s self-driving car has radar, sensors, and mapping devices that identify common objects on roads and is programmed to navigate around obstacles such as orange cones.

Boston a big test for self-driving cars

It could be a while before a self-driving vehicle can successfully navigate the treacherous streets of Boston.

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Google Glass Road Show coming to Boston

A team from Google will demo Glass on Saturday at the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Dan Borislow, 52; creator of the magicJack device

More than 10 million of the devices have been sold since, according to MagicJack VocalTec, and they remain a ubiquitous offering in some 25,000 stores.

Bruker restructuring could reduce employee head count by between 200 to 250 people

Bruker Corp. is looking to divest or restructure several of its business units, a move that could result in a corporate head count reduction of between 200 and 250 employees.

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