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Here come the pay phones

This is no ordinary shopping spree. This is research into a quartet of digital wallets that transmit financial data to retail credit-card terminals.

Twitter’s logo displayed on a computer screen.

Twitter, MIT launch $10 million social media lab

The five-year program is aimed at developing new ways to understand and use social networks.

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Auto safety agency under US review, Obama official says

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been criticized for not acting aggressively enough regarding millions of vehicles with defective air bags or faulty ignition switches.

Amazon loss exceeds forecasts, sending stock down

The retailer and entertainment company, reported Thursday that it lost 95 cents a share in the third quarter, compared with a loss of 9 cents in 2013.

Zuckerberg speaks Chinese, Beijing students cheer

The young billionaire delighted an audience of students at a prestigious Beijing university this week with a 30-minute chat.

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