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Amazon Fire phone merely lukewarm

The online giant has delivered the features you’d expect in a top-line superphone and layered in an array of uniquely Amazonian features.

Google’s self-driving car has radar, sensors, and mapping devices that identify common objects on roads and is programmed to navigate around obstacles such as orange cones.

Boston a big test for self-driving cars

It could be a while before a self-driving vehicle can successfully navigate the treacherous streets of Boston.

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Startup’s chips mimic body’s reaction to drugs

The chips simulate human organs to help speed the development of new drugs.

The ABCs of 3-D printing and laser tools

Cambridge lab Danger!Awesome is helping novices use cutting-edge technology to turn ideas into products.

Antimissile devices sought for US passenger jets

Two Democratic lawmakers urged a government study in response to the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17.

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