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Healey seeks loan forgiveness for students of fraudulent for-profit school

The defunct “American Career Institute” tricked students into signing up for mostly worthless classes.

MIT tech leader tapped for new military R&D lab

The former technology chief at the Lincoln Laboratory will be the chief science officer of DIUx, a new Pentagon effort to more quickly tap into high-tech innovations.

Tokai pharmaceuticals ends prostate cancer drug trial

The Boston biotech will end the clinical trial after a committee concluded it “will likely not succeed” in improving survival for patients.

To end persistent poverty, a guaranteed job or free money?

Each approach to addressing inequality has pros and cons.

Mass. home sales hit new price record in June

The median price for a single-family home that sold was $372,000, breaking an 11-year-old mark.

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Molly Ferguson for STAT


Science behind genetic genealogy is young, but growing fast

Carl Zimmer continues to dive into the evolving technology as an installment in our multipart series.

Hiawatha Bray | Tech Lab

// Why Verizon wants Yahoo

Owning a vast broadband data network is not enough. Verizon needs, above all, to capture some of the advertising over its networks.

// Airbnb taxes in doubt amid Baker opposition

Governor Baker changed his earlier support of the plan, saying he hadn’t read it first.



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