Alex Beam

Alex Beam was a Globe staff columnist in the Business, Op-Ed and Living sections before joining the Opinion pages as a contributor in 2013. He has published two novels, three works of nonfiction, and is currently working on a book about Vladimir Nabokov and Edmund Wilson. In addition to writing for the Globe, Beam is a columnist for Architecture Boston magazine, and a guest commentator for the WGBH radio show “Boston Public Radio.”

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Will we be the last generation to die?

By , Globe Columnist

The next time you are in a public place, look around you and consider: These are the last people on earth who are going to die.


Forget about disavowals. Gay Talese’s new book is trainwreck anyway

By , Globe Correspondent

The questions keep mounting about the recently released “The Voyeur’s Motel.’’


Coffee cures cancer (or not)! And other food fables

By ,

Nothing illustrates the absurd nexus of pseudo-science and nutritional narcissism like the repeated “studies” of coffee, red wine, and chocolate.

Alex Beam

Pining for a royal president

By ,

Americans want to elect kings and prime ministers, and are frustrated when they can’t have both.