Alex Beam

Beam is a columnist for the Opinion section. Previously, he wrote as a columnist for the Living/Arts section. Before joining the Globe as a business reporter in 1986, he worked for Newsweek magazine and Business Week. Beam has authored several books and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

Latest stories

Alex Beam

Is John le Carré the greatest living writer?

By Alex Beam,

Le Carré spotlights the Cold War, and by extension the US role — and principles — that were part of it.

Alex Beam

Don’t deplore — think positive

By Alex Beam, Globe Columnist

You can find plenty of things to not like if you look.

Alex Beam

John Kerry’s nightmare dream job

By Alex Beam, Globe Correspondent

Kerry wanted to be secretary of state, but when he speaks, it seems that no one listens.


A level playing field? Not a chance

By Alex Beam,

Wanting a “level playing field” is the first resort of embattled status quo-niks who feel the breath of change on the backs of their necks.