Alex Beam

Alex Beam was a Globe staff columnist in the Business, Op-Ed and Living sections before joining the Opinion pages as a contributor in 2013. He has published two novels, three works of nonfiction, and is currently working on a book about Vladimir Nabokov and Edmund Wilson. In addition to writing for the Globe, Beam is a columnist for Architecture Boston magazine, and a guest commentator for the WGBH radio show “Boston Public Radio.”

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The Pokemon visitation

By ,

Ministers and preachers have been experiencing unusual visions of late.

Alex Beam

Holding our noses for Hillary

By , Globe Columnist

When those baseball jerseys or decals go on sale, notify me. I’m a buyer.

Alex Beam

Jason Bourne, the un-James Bond

By , Globe Columnist

Jason doesn’t bore the world with his martini preferences, and he doesn’t swan around the office trading sexist banter with Miss Moneypenny.

Alex Beam and Sheldon Sneed

The emojis of Boston

By and Sheldon Sneed,

Move over smiley face, peace sign, and flexing bicep, we have some characters, too.