James Carroll

Carroll is Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence at Suffolk University, holder of the 2011 Alonzo L. McDonald Family Chair at Emory University, and a columnist for the Globe. He is author of ten novels and six works of non-fiction, including “Jerusalem, Jerusalem: How the Ancient City Ignited Our Modern World.”

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James Carroll

How waiting for Christ shaped us

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That Jesus had disappointed the first generation of followers by failing to return became the precondition of an amazing new faith.

James Carroll

Thanksgiving should change our outlook

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This holiday has lifted up the importance not of bounty, much less privilege, but of attitude.

James Carroll

Scientists, speak up on climate change

By , Globe Staff

It’s happened before, when scientists helped steer the human species away from suicide.


Mistrust and polio in Pakistan

By , Globe Columnist

The CIA, with breathtaking cynicism, turned a vaccination program into a violent tactic of revenge.