James Carroll

Carroll is Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence at Suffolk University, holder of the 2011 Alonzo L. McDonald Family Chair at Emory University, and a columnist for the Globe. He is author of ten novels and six works of non-fiction, including “Jerusalem, Jerusalem: How the Ancient City Ignited Our Modern World.”

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James Carroll

Abolish Vatican statehood

By James Carroll, Globe columnist

Politically empowered Catholicism yields now and then to the amoral pressures of realpolitik.


US vs. Islamic State: Don’t out-zealot the zealots

By James Carroll, Globe Columnist

Aware that no nation is ordained by God, we must rededicate ourselves to international structures of democratic politics.


The next nuclear age is too close

By James Carroll, Globe Columnist

The world’s precarious balance is threatened above all by the new belligerence of Russia’s president.