John E. Sununu

Sununu, a regular Globe contributor, is a former US senator from New Hampshire.

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John E. Sununu

Keystone XL fight sealed Mary Landrieu’s fate

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The Democrat from Louisiana will be remembered for her failure; her colleagues for their lack of remorse.

John E. Sununu

Election 2014 could mark a return to normal

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During the last Congress, very little came out of the Senate. Even less went to the president’s desk.


Democrats dare not speak of Obama

By , Globe Columnist

Most Democratic candidates are trying to keep their distance as a majority of America disapproves of President Obama’s job performance.

John E. Sununu

Obama’s energy policy is hurting fellow Democrats’ campaigns

By , Globe columnist

We’ll all be paying the economic price of President Obama’s war on coal for decades; his party will pay the political price much sooner.