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Obama errs by giving GOP another chance at Mass. Senate seat

THE NOMINATION of Senator John Kerry as secretary of state is a serious political blunder by President Obama (“Kerry tapped to lead State Department,” Page A1, Dec. 22). The political consequence is the loss of a Democratic senator and the probable election of a Republican, Scott Brown. In the current political climate, it is essential that we have Democratic majorities in both branches.

The appointment should go to Jon Huntsman, former ambassador to China, an intelligent and middle-of-the-road Republican. His appointment at this time of extreme opposition to Obama by the Tea Party and the Republicans could go a long way to soothe the troubled waters and it would show Obama’s willingness to be open politically if it were tempered by reason.

At this crucial time in politics the appointment of Huntsman could be of untold advantage to Obama and the Democrats, and he would also be a highly competent representative of this country.

Milton Schwartz