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Though unfit for presidency, John Kerry is a good pick for secretary of state

I OPPOSED the presidential candidacy of the ill-suited John Kerry in 2004 as I did that of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. However, I find myself in agreement with the Globe that Kerry will make a fine secretary of state (“Kerry will be a wise, seasoned steward of US foreign policy,” Editorial, Dec. 22).

Many of his political positions and his missteps as a youth after returning from Vietnam that would disqualify him from the nation’s highest office actually strengthen him as a candidate for our top diplomatic post. When I met Kerry in Kabul last year during a visit to us Massachusetts guardsmen, I did not see the radical firebrand or partisan bomb-thrower that he was at various points in his career, but rather a wizened and measured man of experience and patience.

Ironically, as poorly as Barack Obama has done and continues to do regarding domestic policy, with the nomination of John Kerry the president looks poised to start his second term with his primary point of strength being foreign policy, an unlikely turn for a Democrat.

Nathan McNulty