Logan’s flight delays spur romance


Think of romance and transportation and what comes to mind are the backseats of American convertibles parked at Midwestern drive-ins, dates waiting under the clock at grand European rail stations, and even bicycles built for two wheeling down country lanes. You can now add the bar scene at Logan Airport.

According to a survey by the dating website MeetAtTheAirport.com, Logan is the fourth-best airport in the nation for finding new partners. It seems that New England’s frequently foul weather creates just the right wintry mix of delays to give strangers the time for another cocktail as they muse over whether they’re a good match.

Other airports in the top five, the website said, are Orlando, Miami, Newark, and Philadelphia. Those airports were rated more for their restaurants, bars, and hotels. Logan’s inclusion proves that sparking a romance is not just a matter of having the right amenities. Icy snowstorms can help to light many a fire.