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How writers of endangered languages are embracing sci-fi

The genre has been intimately connected to the Welsh revitalization movement over the past 60 years.

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The effects of ‘parenting’ on child-rearing

The word has come to imply something that often has very little to do with one’s actual offspring.

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‘Car Talk’ lives on — in the dictionary

“Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers” pop up in the deep files of citations.

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What created the ‘Easter bunny’

The influence of immigrants as well as rampant commercialization led to the holiday mascot as we know it today.

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Scientology’s enturbulating lingo

It’s an essential feature that colors the thinking of people in the group.

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Wikipedia’s copy editor army

How do you edit a giant crowd-sourced encyclopedia? With volunteers — and lots of fighting.

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From letters to apps, the secret code language of lovers

How generations of Valentines have invented ways of writing for one reader alone.

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Linguists are like, ‘Get used to it!’

Why a new way to quote people has taken English by storm.

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From ‘mankind’ to ‘mansplain,’ the descent of ‘man’

Why marking things as manly now means something so different.

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To the dictionary’s class of 1914: happy birthday!

“Backpack,” “postmodernism,” and “oy vey” turn 100.