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Hello, banh mi! How food words join the dictionary

From pepita to saison, 2014’s most delicious new entries into American English.

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‘Lockdown’ vs. ‘silent safety drill’: The school security language debate

How do we talk about shootings without traumatizing kids?

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How poker players’ language gives them away

Until the arrival of the quants, reading “table talk” was a form of art.

the word | Oct. 18, 2009

The case for Dictionary Day

If we did want to turn Dictionary Day into a real holiday how could we go about it?

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The Dreadnoughtus effect: Why dinosaurs have awesome names

What do you call a gigantic lizard no human will ever see?


Why we call it ‘whooping,’ not child abuse

The words for hitting children are often indirect, gentler than the words for hitting adults.

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Why we love the language police

An eccentric British grammar scold named N.M. Gwynne wants to take English back to the good old days, and readers are eating it up.

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Scofflaw vs. spigot-bigot: The word contests of Prohibition

In 1924, Bostonians argued their case with goofy neologisms—one of which stuck.

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The long strange journey of ‘über’

The company of the moment picked a name with a very pungent history.

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How to talk like a doomsday prepper

Useful jargon for the zombie apocalypse.