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FDA warns teething medicines unsafe, wants them off shelves

Federal health officials warned parents Wednesday about the dangers of teething remedies that contain a popular numbing ingredient and asked manufacturers to stop selling their products intended for babies and toddlers.

Paul Simon performs during the Global Citizen Festival in New York in February.

book review

Songs of insecurity and of experience

A mixed but textured and in depth look at the life and work of Paul Simon.

Love Letters

My boyfriend said he was vegetarian like me. His fridge revealed the truth

He lied about other things, too. Do I trust my gut on this one?

Nitro Bar, a cafe (pictured), shares space with Dash Bicycles.

Providence is bursting with new things to see, do, and eat

Providence is a few cities rolled into one.

At Casa Olea, the breakfast buffet offers local meats and cheese, eggs, pan con tomate (tomato puree spooned onto bread), homemade preserves, and pastries.

From ruin to castle in rural Spain (and you can eat like royalty, too)

Opening a business in such a rural spot in Spain was so risky that most banks in the region wouldn’t offer British innkeepers Tim and Claire Murray-Walker a thing. And then one finally did.

Greg Hill (left) with his children Breese and Julia at The Den, a stadium in Bermondsey, south of London, that is home to Millwall Football Club.

The VIP Lounge with WAAF’s Greg Hill

We caught up with the philanthropist and veteran disc jockey to talk about all things travel.

Travel Troubleshooter

My EU 261 claim from WOW Air is ‘in process.’ What does that even mean?

After WOW Air cancels Joseph Hopkins’s flight, he files a claim under EU 261, the European consumer protection regulation. It’s been almost six months and the claim still is “in process.” Where’s the money?

Love Letters

She’s OK with the breakup, but he’s not

I feel heartless since I’m not even close to heartbroken or upset, and I don’t know if I should be feeling differently.

Bacon-wrapped grilled shrimp with chili-agave glaze.

Some beyond-the-bun ideas for what to throw on the grill this weekend

Try zucchini, asparagus, eggplant, onions, shrimp, swordfish, and soft-shell crabs.

Members of Harvard’s Class of ’68 celebrate the life and music of Bob Dylan as part of a reunion event called Underground 68.


Some in Harvard’s Class of ’68 still challenge the status quo

The more counterculturally-inclined among them have created Underground 68, a makeshift coffeehouse, as an alternative to the more formal reunion programs on campus.

Here, there, and everywhere

Travel news — and gadgets — you can use.

Rococo Artisan Ice Cream

Dig into summer at some of the area’s best clam shacks and ice cream stands

Head to old standbys or — better yet — explore all the region has to offer.

The trails at Cape Highlands National Park in Cape Breton offer great views for hikers.

Four reasons to relocate to Cape Breton — if only for a few days (five, if you play golf)

After hanging around Cape Breton for a few days, we became enamored of this little-known spot in Atlantic Canada. Here’s why.

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Tell us your favorite clam shack in New England

Share your favorite place to go for a summer seafood feast.

Tell us your favorite ice-cream shop in New England

It’s starting to feel like summer in New England. Cup or cone, strawberry to butter pecan, we want to know what is your absolute favorite ice cream shop.

Getting Salty with chef Sherry Hughes

The former journalist left the media world after two decades to train at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Now, she relates to the women she serves at the Women’s Lunch Place.

Ask Amy

Moms need kindergarten friendship skills

Advice from Amy Dickinson.

Ask Amy

Woman must reset her dorkometer for dating success

Advice from Amy Dickinson

N.H. nursing home resident uses bear pepper spray on employee

Bear spray is normally used to stop aggressive behavior in bears, and is not the same as human pepper spray.

Corail rosé and bouillabaisse at Shepard.

From the Bar

At Shepard, a vibrant pink is a match for bouillabaisse

Nibble the toasty bread, sip the wine, then dig in.

Colin Presby recently signed on for a second six-month stint as a Carnival brewmaster.


Cruise ship beer brewer: a dream job come true

Brewing at sea is not without challenges, but Colin Presby is undeterred.

Miss Conduct

Advice: She nearly backed over me at Market Basket, and then blamed me

Why is it my fault that she almost hit me? Plus, my toddler got a sexist gift.

Nurse dead in Congo as Ebola vaccination campaign starts

In a hopeful sign, two patients who were confirmed as positive for Ebola have recovered.

Mental illness led man to ram car into family, pastor says

The North Carolina attack killed the man’s daughter and daughter-in-law and critically injuring other relatives.

Emilia Romagna is Italy’s gastronomic heartland.

Food & Travel

A family organized a whole trip around one meal in Modena, Italy. Was it worth it?

This family organized a whole trip around a meal at Osteria Francescana, the 2016 “World’s Best Restaurant,” in Modena, Italy. Was it worth it?

22Stamps -- Frozen treats stamps. (©2018 USPS)

Postal Service to debut scratch-and-sniff stamps

Each square will be decorated with two colorful ice cream treats, perfect for summer.

Pastry chef Joshua Livsey displays the Boston cream pie at Harvest restaurant.

Has Boston cream pie been manipulated beyond recognition? It’s a question with many layers.

Is our state dessert nothing but a spongy fraud? We set out to learn more.

Minutas at Frio Rico in East Boston.

What She’s Having

In search of a perfect brain freeze in Boston

Shaved ice is a blank template on which we impose the flavors of the world.

Love Letters

‘I am not sure I want him to come with me’

For all of his kindness, he does have some aspects of his personality that really conflict with mine.

Lavva yogurts are non-dairy, plant-based.

You might go nuts over Lavva Yogurt

The non-dairy yogurt is made with the pili nut, grown on trees in volcanic soil in Southeast Asia, and not readily available in stores in the United States.

Ikea to debut a veggie hot dog at Boston Calling — no assembly required

The Swedish furniture company, Ikea, will debut new veggie dogs at the Boston Calling music festival before a US launch in the fall.

The Magic Bullet can be used to quickly make veggie and fruit smoothies.

Fruit and veggie gadgets that can change your life

We reached out to some nutritionists to find out the produce gadgets they use to help them and their families eat better in less time.

Zhoug Sauce from Trader Joe’s.

In Zhoug Sauce, spice is so nice

Blended with garlic, cumin, coriander and cardamom, Zhoug Sauce is a staple in the Middle East and often stirred into hummus for a spicy kick.

Bird Sightings

Bird sightings on Cape Cod

Recent sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Ask Amy

Pot meets kettle when two women tussle for control

Advice from Amy Dickinson.


Empowering moment at Pink Martini concert

At one point Friday night, lead singer China Forbes invited all the women in the crowd, which included state Attorney General Maura Healey, to the stage to sing “I Am Woman.”

Congo to begin vaccinations as Ebola threatens

The vaccine will be given in Mbandaka, the northwestern city where the deadly disease has infected some residents.


A country-style salute

The Oak Ridge Boys sang the national anthem Sunday at Fenway.

From left: MassArt President David Nelson, and his wife, Kimberly; fashion design faculty member and alumnus James Mason; Joan White, founder and director of the Paris Fashion Institute; and Alex Bossi, an alumnus of MassArt and the Paris Fashion Institute.


At MassArt, a year-end showcase of excellence

The school held its annual fashion show over the weekend.

Congo says 3 new Ebola cases confirmed in large city

The spread of the hemorrhagic fever in Mbandaka raised alarm among health officials.

New Starbucks policy: No purchase needed to sit in cafes

Starbucks announced a new policy Saturday that allows anyone to sit in its cafes or use its restrooms, even if they don’t buy anything.

love letters

Why a March letter writer might not have gotten a second date

I realized, he might be talking about me!

Missouri lawmakers approve measure regulating fake meat

Missouri lawmakers have approved legislation that bans companies from labeling lab-grown meat products or meat substitutes as meat.

Poisoned former spy discharged from UK hospital

Sergei Skripal was discharged more than two months after he and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent.

Shaun Harrison’s job was to look after kids like Luis Rodriguez, Suffolk Assistant District Attorney David Bradley said. Instead, prosecutors and Rodriguez say, Harrison recruited the boy to sell drugs.

Nestor Ramos

Shaun Harrison and a litany of betrayals

The criminal charges against Shaun Harrison don’t quite do the depravity of his case justice.

Special report

//[1].jpg Bitten by Uncertainty: A Globe report on Lyme disease in the Northeast

In 2013, the Globe took an in-depth look at the disease, the patients, the debate, and the science.


// The Love Letters podcast: Ditch the ex’s T-shirt, or wear it?

After a breakup, is it better to hold onto relics from the relationship, or to dump them?

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Dining Out

Dining Out reviews

// Where should you eat this week?

Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

Design New England

// Second Life

An architect turns his old barn in Newport, Rhode Island, into a light-filled multipurpose haven for family and guests.