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In the Y’s East Boston garden, (from left) Joelianne Sweeney, Maria Santos Ramos, Natalia Kelly, and Soleynny Suazo harvest kale for making their pesto.

At East Boston Y, little hands grow it and cook it

Ten young students are participating in the East Boston YMCA’s “Urban Farm to Kitchen,” one of a range of healthy cooking classes offered. By Gillian O’Callaghan

#ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign supported by women at MIT, Kendall Square, and elsewhere

Female engineers of the world, including many affiliated with MIT, took to Twitter Tuesday to challenge sexist attitudes.

Smart Cooks | Video

// Grilled flank steak and peach salad with arugula

Set the steaks and peaches, cut sides down, directly over the hot coals or hot burner for 2 minutes.

Love Letters

He’s 30, she’s 45 and worried

Will he look at me one day and think, “How did I end up with this old lady?”

Tamed | Untamed

How to attract hummingbirds to your yard

A number of readers wrote distressed that they could not seem to attract hummingbirds to their yards. What to do?

// Our kids’ friendships, our friendships

In the early years, your kids somewhat call the shots about who you hang out with, simply because of the tidal pull of playdate reciprocity.

// Three airlines ban shipment of hunting ‘trophies’

Delta, American, and United all made the announcement, although it is unclear how many they have been carrying recently.

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