Duck Tour season kicks off with the help of Blue Man Group

 (Joel Butler)

Members of Blue Man Group helped the Boston Duck Tours kick off the official start to their season Monday at the Prudential Center, where the first nine ducks to embark on a tour of the city were filled with elementary school children from Boston’s public schools. Though the Blue Men weren’t able to take an official tour, we heard that they did travel by duck back to the Charles Playhouse in time to perform a special show for middle and high school students from Boston. … In other nautical news, NECN’s Jenny Johnson was in the Netherlands recently to join Captain Roger Spoor , former congressman Bill Delahunt , and Bret Gordon , chief operating officer of Vantage Deluxe World Travel, for the inaugural sail aboard Vantage’s newest boat, the MS River Discovery II. We heard Johnson was a day late joining the expedition and the crew made a special stop just to pick her up.