West Medford’s Kirsten Greenidge wins Obie Award

Jemal Countess/Getty/file
Kirsten Greenidge (pictured earlier this month in New York) was honored for “Milk Like Sugar.’’

West Medford’s Kirsten Greenidge won the playwriting award at the 57th annual Obie Awards on Monday night for “Milk Like Sugar,’’ her drama about a group of young women who enter a pregnancy pact. Her play “The Luck of the Irish’’ just ended an extended run at the Huntington Theatre. Greenidge, who checked in with us on her drive back to Boston on Tuesday, admitted that attending the New York awards ceremony with her husband wasn’t easy. Asked whether she was up late partying with the other Obie winners, she just laughed. “I have two young kids, 3 and 5 years old.’’ Greenidge had a baby sitter watch the kids for part of the night, then her sister, who lives in Brooklyn, took over for the second half of the evening. “It was nice because my husband usually doesn’t come with me to these things,’’ Greenidge said. Greenidge was among a long list of celebs at the Obies, which honor off-Broadway theater. Other big names included Claire Danes’s husband, actor Hugh Dancy, Michael McKean, Topher Grace, and “The Hangover’’ star Justin Bartha. Greenidge said she only became star-struck when she was praised by playwright José Rivera, who’s perhaps best known as the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of “The Motorcycle Diaries.’’