‘Labor Day’ films at Medway Lotus

The Jason Reitman movie “Labor Day,” which is filming around Massachusetts this summer, moved from Mansfield to Medway on Wednesday for an evening shoot at Medway Lotus, a restaurant owned by Joe Chan. Chan told us that he expected the “woman from Titanic” — a.k.a. Kate Winslet — to be at his place by 4 p.m. He said the shoot would last late into the night, so no dinner would be served. In other “Labor Day” news, Rolfe Kent will score the music for the movie, according to FilmMusic, which heard Kent speak at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Kent has worked with Reitman on films such as “Young Adult” and “Up in the Air.” (He also scored the not-so-critically-acclaimed Massachusetts movie “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.”)