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A new book provides the ultimate quiz on ‘Yankee Doodle’

If you can answer half of these questions, consider yourself a true Yankee. And if you answer all 21 of them, well, congratulations (but you might want to get out in the sun in a little more, because if you know this much New England trivia, we’re a little worried about you).
  • Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born, died and is buried in what New England city?

  • The ghosts of Lucy Keyes and her mother haunt the mountains of what popular New England ski resort?

  • The Eddy family home in Chittenden, Vt., once known as the spirit capital of New England, is now home to what organization?

  • How many shots were fired during the capture of Annowan at the now famous Anawan Rock in Rehoboth?

  • In what Rhode Island cemetery is New England’s only known Stigmatist buried?

  • What grisly discovery was found under the streets of Portsmouth, N.H. in 2003?

  • The famous “Leatherman” walked a ceaseless circuit in western Connecticut during the middle to late 19th century. What was the name of the wanderer who roamed the eastern side of Connecticut, western Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts during the first half of the 1800s?

  • William Blackstone is credited for founding what famous New England city?

  • On a hot July night in the 1750s, the small town of Windham, Conn., was roused from its slumber by a frightful noise. The din created fear among the people for the whole night. What was the source of their fears?

  • After a peddler was found murdered and robbed on his property in Franklin, Conn., what fruit cursed Micah Rood until his death?

  • The Foster Woolen Manufactory is the official haunt of what New England state?

  • Who was the first known person to be executed for being a witch in the New England colonies?

  • What is the official name for Webster Lake in Southern Massachusetts?

  • Thomas Cornell was hanged for the murder of his mother on May 23, 1673, based on a ghostly visitation from her to her brother. His wife, who was pregnant at the time of his death named their daughter Innocent in protest of the execution. Who is Innocent’s great, great, great, great granddaughter?

  • The famous Commons Settlement in the heart of Cape Ann is better known as what name?

  • Famous New England author Samuel Adams Drake called this lighthouse, the tallest light tower in New England, one of the most forlorn places on Earth.

  • The story of the frozen Vermonters by Allen Morse takes place in what Vermont town?

  • What date did the famous Willey Slide of Crawford Notch take place?

  • According to records, from 1784 to 1892, scores of New England families dug up their loved ones in search of what creature they feared was killing them off?

  • What is the name of the last wooden whaling ship and where is it docked?

  • What is a “Yankee Doodle”?