My Instagram: Briana Soler

“I think being a Texan and moving to Boston has made me realize that I am pretty Southern, and I love it.”
Briana Soler
“I think being a Texan and moving to Boston has made me realize that I am pretty Southern, and I love it.”

Fashion influences can run much deeper than glossy magazine covers and boutique window mannequins as evidenced by this week’s Instagram style pick, Briana Soler ( The 21-year-old Texas transplant and photographer, who describes her style as chic and simple, is like a sponge who soaks up her surroundings and then expresses what she sees through her photography, writing, and clothes. Another big influence: romance. Soler is all about mushy romantic comedies, sticky sweet vampire movies, and any art form that tugs at her delicate heart strings. Time to talk chick flicks.

Q. So, my sweet vampire-loving romantic, tell me a bit about how your rose-tinted outlook manifests itself in what you wear?

A. It’s funny you say that because I have a tattoo that basically says that I have a rose-tinted outlook on life. As for manifesting itself in what I wear, I just wear what I feel that day. I am inspired by so much around me and my emotions that it all somehow ties in together. I’m creating . . . moi.

Q. How have your Texas roots influenced your style and your outlook?

A. I love my cowboy boots and I say “y’all.” I think being a Texan and moving to Boston has made me realize that I am pretty Southern, and I love it. I am extremely laid back and nonchalant about a lot of things. That influences my style and outlook. I’m sure when I leave Boston the city will have rubbed off on me, but hopefully not too much.

Q. Biggest chick flick/romantic comedy indulgence? And do you have to bribe your boyfriend to sit through these films with you?


A. Ugh, there are so many. Why are you making me choose? “When Harry Met Sally” is so good. Other classics I like are “P.S., I Love You,” and “The Notebook.” Meg Ryan and Rachel McAdams will forever be my favorite actresses. As for actors, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio. Forever. He can do no wrong. Lucky for my boyfriend I haven’t made him watch too many chick flicks.

Q. Is there a photographer or artist who influences your work?

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A. I wouldn’t say there is just one photographer in particular or one renowned famous photographer. I’d say the whole Flickr community influences my work. Seeing other photographers’ work everywhere, whether it be through Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, books, galleries, street art, graffiti — anything really. I am influenced by the biggest and smallest things.

Q. You describe yourself as more chic than hipster. Fair enough. But tell me, do you not see hipsters as chic?

A. You’re killing me. I mean hipsters can’t be chic right? Isn’t that why they have a category with a different name. No disrespect to hipsters. They’re wild and bold and I love it. I just think sometimes that’s more of my younger sister’s crowd.

Q. Do you ever get irked by people who fancy themselves photographers and clog Facebook and Instagram with “arty” shots?

A. I get asked this a lot. It doesn’t bother me. Who am I to say what makes or doesn’t make a photographer. If you like taking photos, by all means do it. Although sometimes it does make my job a little harder. People may not take me seriously because it is so common to hear the word “photographer.” Besides, I love my iPhone “artsy” shots.

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