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We’ve had plenty of individuals in this column who know how to wear clothes, but this week we have a woman who dons them professionally. Say hello to model Sadie Palmer ( In addition to smiling for the camera, this 18-year-old fashion ingenue is a student at Emmanuel College. She professes a love of boots, leggings, and “getting stuff that I know other people don’t have.” Well Sadie, you now have something that many others don’t, a chance to strut your stuff as this week’s Instagram style star.

Q. How did you wind up modeling?

A. I was tall my whole life, so obviously the first thing anyone would ask me was if I played basketball. I decided to give it a try in eighth grade and found out the hard way that not all tall people can play basketball. So when that didn’t work out I started looking into modeling agencies in Boston and ended up signing with Dynasty my sophomore year of high school. People still ask me if I play basketball though and I just laugh. It was bad.

Q. What’s it like to be a model in Boston?

A. I love being a model here. Boston has a lot of fun work and what’s great is that a lot of the fashion shows are open to the public so everyone can enjoy them. Fashion shows are more like a fun night out with some of my best friends. The designers here are talented, too. I recently did a shoot for Luke Aaron’s Fall/Winter campaign and the clothes are gorgeous.

Q. Have you ever had a modeling job where you completely disagreed with how your hair and makeup were styled?


A. Oh yes, more than once actually. You never know what is going to be thrown at you. Two things models hate hearing are the words “tease” and “big.” I sit in the makeup chair and just cross my fingers that the dreaded teasing comb doesn’t appear. Although I do have to admit some of the coolest looks have the craziest hair. It just takes about three bottles of conditioner and a few tears afterward to get my hair back to normal.

Q. We may have a slight disagreement over leggings. You love them. I think they may be the downfall of civilization.

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A. Hey, don’t bash the leggings! It really all depends on how you wear them. Are leggings a substitute for pants? No. If you wear leggings with a T-shirt then you’re doing it wrong. Leggings need a long, flowy shirt or sweater, maybe a little shorter than a dress. They
are also so easy to run around in, more comfortable than jeans, yet more stylish than sweatpants or yoga pants, ugh.

Q. All right young lady, not to sound like your dad, but is all this fashion hooey getting in the way of your studies?

A. Definitely not. I was really split between going to school in New York or Boston. I am also part of an agency in New York but I knew that I would get much more distracted there. Modeling is great but doesn’t last forever. It’s funny to see people’s reactions when I tell them I’m a biology major. Sometimes I have to turn down jobs because of my labs or an important exam. School always comes first.

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