Boo! Test your Halloween knowledge

What were jack-o’-lanterns originally made from? What are the most common bats found in Massachusetts? Take this spooky quiz and find out.
  • Though the precise time and place where the term “trick-or-treat” originated is unknown, which syndicated comic strip depicted trick-or-treating in 1951, firmly establishing the activity in American pop culture?

  • The National Confectioners Association estimates that each year, 20 million pounds are sold of which beloved Halloween candy?

  • What percentage of all candy spending this Halloween is estimated to be on chocolate?

  • The word “witch” comes from the Old English “wicce,” meaning what?

  • Which one of America’s oldest known vegetables and one of the most widely recognized symbols of Halloween in the US originated in Mexico about 9,000 years ago?

  • According to a study by the National Retail Federation, what percentage of Halloween celebrants will make their own costume this year instead of buying one?

  • The National Retail Federation estimates that nearly how many dollars will be spent this year on pet costumes?

  • Before being altered by costume designers, the mask worn by Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s 1978 horror film, “Halloween,” was originally a model of which actor’s face?

  • At the 2012 New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off, a world record was set for the heaviest pumpkin, which weighed in at how many pounds?

  • Which of the following is the highest grossing horror flick of all time?

  • Why do we traditionally carve pumpkins for Halloween?

  • Around the 1840s, which immigrants helped to disseminate the idea of Halloween?

  • In which war did children have to avoid trick-or-treating due to sugar rationing?

  • What was the jack-o’-lantern originally made from?

  • What was the original name for Halloween?

  • According to Guinness World Records, which city has displayed the most lit jack-o’-lanterns?

  • Which are the two most common bats found in Massachusetts?

  • What is celebrated on Oct. 30?

  • When did Jelly Bean Candy Company start producing candy corn?

  • What is expected to be the No. 1 children's costume for Halloween 2013?

  • How many acres of pumpkins were harvested in the United States in 2012?

  • Which actress made her film debut in “Halloween”?

  • What is a ghoul?

  • The total amount Americans are expected to spend on Halloween in 2013, according to the National Retail Federation:

  • Seventy percent of Americans will buy Halloween decorations this year. What percentage will buy Christmas decorations?

  • The tradition of bobbing for apples may have originated when?

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