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Contestants were challenged for the “Top Chef” show at Plimoth Plantation.

The first (‘Top Chef’) Thanksgiving

“Top Chef” took over Plimoth Plantation to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner, using only supplies and ingredients of the 17th century. By Janice Page

// Perfect apple pie from Sheryl Julian

Watch the Globe’s food editor make an apple pie with a foolproof pastry crust.

New books offer apple adventures

From tart Gravensteins to fat Mutsus, apples define fall whether they’re in the lunchbox or baked in a pie.

By the Glass

// A trio of wines for the Thanksgiving feast

Three delightful bottles from the Golden State that pair splendidly with everything.

99 Bottles

// Three beers for the Thanksgiving bird

Saison Dupont, Nut Brown Ale, and Local 2 prove that they deserve a place at the table.

Sunday supper

// Stuff portobellos for a meatless entree, then make hash

Before the Thanksgiving feast, a few lean vegetarian meals are in order.

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// The Trapp Family Lodge hills are alive with free-range turkeys

Sam von Trapp raised 45 Thanksgiving turkeys on the Trapp Family Lodge property.

Cheap Eats

// Fresh Chinese-American specialties at Winthrop’s Osaka Lucky Garden

When you unapologetically crave Americanized beef and broccoli, or General Gao’s chicken, you will do fine at Osaka Lucky Garden.

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// Earthenware pie pan from company established in 1800

English company Mason Cash has recently come out with a ceramic pie plate.

A brined and roasted bird prepared for Carrie Richards and Lorrie Anderson’s  Turkey Trial Run party in Melrose.

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

At this pre-Thanksgiving potluck, tradition doesn’t count

The Turkey Trial Run, now in its fifth year, is a pre-Thanksgiving party that allows guests to be creative.

Holiday Recipe

// Recipe for sweet-and-sour Brussels sprouts

Play up the Medieval combination of sweet dried fruits and tangy vinegar in this dish of Brussels sprouts.


// Recipe for rainbow chard with toasted pumpkin seeds

The colored stems of rainbow chard are as good to eat as they are pretty to look at.

Holiday Recipe

// Recipe for mashed pumpkin rounds

These little orange rounds are made from kabocha pumpkin, a variety originally from Japan.


// Franklin Southie to close

Popular neighborhood restaurant Franklin Southie will close to make way for a new restaurant run by a former Franklin chef, says David Dubois.

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// In Boston, Bar Boulud doesn’t bring its best

Food and service are uneven at Daniel Boulud’s Boston restaurant in Mandarin Oriental.


Night Market set to open in Harvard Square

Entrepreneur Ash Chan tells the Globe that his long-awaited Asian restaurant is set to open during the first week of December.

// Recipe for roast turkey

For this recipe you need a meat thermometer and a pan large enough to hold the bird with space around it.

Best wines under $20

// 10th annual Plonkapalooza: Best wines under $20

Sommeliers sampled 25 whites, 25 reds, all under $20, and uncorked some surprises among the winning wines.

New England diners

// 16 must-visit New England diners

These restaurants greet their guests with good food, down-to-earth atmosphere, and friendly prices.

Double shot

Matt Viser | Double Shot

// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.