// ‘You can’t move a brewery overnight’

In February, Idle Hands Craft Ales founder Chris Tkach was served an official letter telling him to vacate his property. But you can’t move a brewery overnight.

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// Meritage’s newest vintage, with seasoning

Meritage, the wine-driven restaurant in the Boston Harbor Hotel, has been redesigned and the menus refreshed.


// Raymond Ost of Wilson Farm

Wilson Farm in Lexington has been around since 1884. Executive chef Raymond Ost has been on board for eight months.


// The Tahitian Tonic

At Bastille Kitchen, the “Tahitian Tonic” is made with Genever, a Dutch spirit that predates gin.

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// Recipe for turtle-sundae ice cream cake

Begin with a pecan-shortbread crust, add a layer of chocolate ganache, another of pecan- and caramel-infused ice cream, then meringue.

// Hot fudge’s caramel cousin

The drippy-wax lid that adorns hot fudge jars from Coop’s MicroCreamery in Watertown has a mate: Salted Caramel sauce.

seasonal recipe

// Recipe for Dad’s double-vanilla ice cream

My late father-in-law made this using an ice cream maker with a wooden bucket and hand crank.


// Faithful to Italian gelato’s dense, smooth, creamy, flavorful feel

Morgan Morano, who studied in Italy after college and culinary school, now owns Morano Gelato in Chestnut Hill.

// Matcha goes global as trendy ingredient

Matcha is being treated as the perk-me-up of the moment in themed matcha bars from Brooklyn to Berlin.

Above: soft-serve ice cream cone dipped in chocolate at Bubbling Brook in Westwood. Left: hot-fudge sundae at Gary’s Ice Cream in Chelmsford.

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The top local ice cream stands

In this region, the town dairy bar is a community fixture, the place where your parents went on dates, or where you went to celebrate everything.

Sunday Supper

// Steak au poivre, then peppery steak in a salad

Sunday Supper begins with the classic French steak au poivre, then the meat is sliced and added to a salad of greens with sherry vinaigrette.

// Pre-scoop those Orbs

If you’ve ever found yourself in the kitchen hurriedly scooping ice cream while guests are waiting for dessert, next time pre-scoop the balls before the party starts.

// A professional ice cream scoop

Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop’s wide handle has a heat-conductive fluid that warms when your hand grips it.

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// ‘Home of the Bennie’ in York is locals’ secret spot

Locals know “Home of the Bennie” (as the sign reads) is the place to go in York, Maine, for warm, sugar-dusted bites of deep-fried dough.

Dining Out

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// Where should you eat this week?

Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

The best and worst from Boston dining

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// The 2014 Boston restaurant awards

Boston ate well in 2014. Let’s take a look back at the highs and lows — the tastes, restaurants, and people that made this a year to remember.

Best wines under $20

// 10th annual Plonkapalooza: Best wines under $20

Sommeliers sampled 25 whites, 25 reds, all under $20, and uncorked some surprises among the winning wines.

Double shot

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// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.


Hot fudge’s caramel cousin

The drippy-wax lid that adorns hot fudge jars from Coop’s MicroCreamery in Watertown has a mate: Salted Caramel sauce.

By the glass

By the Glass

Off-the-beaten-path sparklers

Producers from The Republic of Georgia, the Basque region of northern Spain, and others are crafting sparklers from varietals that may be entirely new to you.

New England diners

// 16 must-visit New England diners

These restaurants greet their guests with good food, down-to-earth atmosphere, and friendly prices.

Barbecue in Boston

// Boston’s 10 best BBQ joints

We decree which spots serve the tastiest ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and other smoked specialties.

Globe Magazine

// The food issue

How “Top Chef” Kristen Kish entertains, plus Clover Food Lab’s secret ingredient.