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Rustic Crust: Add toppings and bake

The quest for an all-natural, organic pizza crust that would keep shelf-stable for months took Brad Sterl, owner of Rustic Crust, years. But after thousands of tries, he had his eureka moment. At the Pittsfield, N.H., plant where they’re made, Rustic Crusts (about $3.99) are baked in enormous wood-fired brick ovens. Before they’re baked, the crusts are finished by hand so no two are alike. They are 12 inches across, with a perfect balance of ingredients. Varieties include Tuscan Six Grain, Cheesy Herb, and Crispy Italian. Once you add the toppings, bake the crusts directly on the oven shelf. In less than 15 minutes, the time it can take to make an accompanying salad, the toppings are piping hot and the crust crisp and golden. Available at Market Basket and most Shaw’s and Star Markets.