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How to make Patriots logo crackers

Watertown, MA 012512 Cut-out of Patriots logo was made from lavash and baked, Wednesday, January 25 2012. The yellow star is a yellow pepper. (Globe Staff Photo/Wendy Maeda) section: Food slug: 01super stylists: Sheryl Julian, Catherine Smart
Wendy Maeda/Sheryl Julian
Cut-out of Patriots logo was made from lavash and baked.

Use your browser to search for an online image of the New England Patriots logo. You want one that when printed out will be between about 6 and 12 inches wide. Images that are too small or too big can be resized in an image-editor such as Photoshop or Picasa, or even by copying and pasting the image into a Word document and adjusting the size by pulling on its corners. Since you only need an outline to trace, how sharp the image is doesn’t matter.

Cut out your image. This is a template to place on a piece of Middle Eastern lavash, or on one side of a large pita that has been separated into two rounds. Use scissors or the tip of a sharp knife to cut it out, following the template. Make one or many. Set them on a baking sheet, sprinkle lightly with oil and kosher salt. Bake at 375 degrees for 8 minutes, checking often to make sure the edges do not burn.