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Young Miriam’s tale

“A Sweet Passover,” by Leslea Newman, a Holyoke resident, illustrated by David Slonim, tells the story of Miriam, who celebrates the weeklong holiday at her grandparents’ house. She watches her grandmother light the candles before the Seder (not every family does this), she recites the four questions in Hebrew, and she listens to Grandpa read the story of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt. After eating lots of matzo, she decides she will not eat it again. Clever Grandpa introduces her to matzo brei, which he calls “Passover French toast.” The book ends with a recipe for “The Best Matzah Brei in the World,” lightly moistened matzo, crumbled and soaked with milky egg, then fried in butter to form a large pancake. The girl, of course, has a change of heart. Available at Harvard Bookstore, 1256 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-661-1515, The Children’s Book Shop, 237 Washington St., Brookline, 617-734-7323, and local Barnes & Noble stores. RACHEL TRAVERS