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All-natural ice pops at local farmers’ markets

When it’s steamy in Boston, not a lot sounds better than popsicles. Except maybe Ocean Ave Pops ($3), an all-natural, grown-up version of the childhood favorite. Josh Danoff, who sells them from a Culinary Cruisers cart, runs the company with two siblings and a friend. The line was developed last winter. After trying different combinations — “I ate a lot a lot of popsicles,” he says — he settled on watermelon-blueberry-basil, ginger-grapefruit-mint, coconut-pineapple-blood orange, banana with chocolate chunks, and strawberry. Until he gets a retail location, he’s selling the pops at farmers’ markets. One further benefit? At the Kendall Square market near MIT last week, Danoff says, “It’s scientifically proven that it’s impossible to eat one of our popsicles and be unhappy at the same time.”Available at City Hall farmers’ market Mon, Wed; Harvard Square market Tue, Kendall Square market Thu. For schedule updates, go to