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Sick of your farm share? Maybe you’d prefer this chocolate CSA

Add a part-time Somerville chocolatier to the roster of vendors using the Community Supported Agriculture model. Eric Parkes, 46, isn’t growing anything — except perhaps a network of devotees to the sublime sweet. His “CSA-ish” stratagem is that he makes his own chocolates and you pay up front ($150 for 20 weeks, or $5 a bar) to receive three home-crafted chocolate bars twice monthly. Explore the complex tastes of bars made with Dominican Trinitario beans, Bolivian Criollo beans, or different cacao contents using the same beans. “It’s an experiment in tweaking the nuances of chocolate,” says Parkes, part architect, part stay-at-home dad, whose hobby began with a visit to a Costa Rican chocolate plantation. For his first “season,” which started at the end of July, he’s socked away more than 800 pounds of beans. Customers are farmers’ market habitues, city parents, even his sister’s knitting circle. Pickups are at True Grounds Cafe & Coffeehouse, 717 Broadway, Ball Square, Somerville, or at another Somerville location. Newcomers can request chocolates already disbursed or pay a pro-rated amount (but think of all the subtleties you will miss).  Go to or e-mail somervillechocolatecsa@gmail