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Make your prep easier with these pinch bowls

It’s more efficient when cooking to have ingredients measured out and ready at hand. This is what the French call mise en place, or for short, mise. To help you do this are Sleekstor Pinch + Pour Bowls from Chef’n, a set of four nesting prep bowls (about $14.99) that double as measuring tools. The smallest is for 1 and 2 tablespoons, and the largest, 1 cup. The silicon frame allows you to pinch the bowls to create a pour spout. The sets, in fun colors, are stylish enough to go to the table holding syrups, sauces, or condiments. Available at KitchenWares by Blackstones, 215 Newbury St., Boston, 857-366-4237; Institute of Contemporary Art store, 100 Northern Ave., Boston, 617-478-3104; and Sur La
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