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At Roche Bros. you can trace where your fish came from

Fish comes from oceans, lakes, rivers, and farms, of course, but today’s consumers want more specific information. SeaTrace, a new program developed by Roche Bros. supermarket in partnership with Foley Fish of Boston and New Bedford, draws on smartphone technology. Scan the QR codes posted in the seafood department and up comes information on where and how
a particular fish was caught, including the boat’s name and the kind of gear used. Arthur Ackles, director of deli and seafood for Roche Bros., says the market wanted to respond to its competitors’ sustainability programs and to customer interest. For now, SeaTrace covers three or four locally caught species each day, but Ackles says all the fish meet a high standard. “There’s nothing in the case that’s not sustainable,” he says. “We won’t carry it.” SeaTrace is available at all Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms locations; for more information, go to www.rochebros