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Help make the Bay State greener

On May 15, a statewide campaign aims to get folks digging and planting. Put in a new tree at the library or flowers at a traffic circle, or build an edible garden at the elementary school or in your own backyard. The effort is a joint program of the Massachusetts Flower Growers’ Association and the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association. The Bay State is one of nine participating in the Plant Something initiative. Gardening is not only a great outdoor activity, but it burns calories and helps relieve stress. Studies show that children who have a hand in growing vegetables and fruits are more likely to eat them. The sponsoring organizations offer gardening tips, a directory of garden centers and landscapers, and activities in your area (or how to organize one). Come on — let’s make our towns, schools, homes, and workplaces a little greener. Go to LISA ZWIRN