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No prep work or stained hands for these beets

The long prep time and stained hands make some cooks avoid beets. Enter Love Beets ($2.79 to $3.99 for 8), a line of pre-cooked baby beets that save time and stress, but don’t skimp on nutrients. (In Europe, cooked beets and other vegetables are available at most markets.) Love Beets are sold plain or infused with a variety of flavors, like honey and ginger, white wine vinegar and balsamic, or something called Sweetfire, which is made with chili extract for a bit of a kick. For a healthy snack, marinated beets come packaged together with crackers and cubes of cheddar. Naturally sweet beet juice is sold with a dash of lemon juice or as a mix of beet, apple, and blackcurrant juices with cherry puree ($2.99 for 8½ ounces). All options are healthful, and (can’t resist) — hard to beat. Available at Whole Foods Market and Shaw’s locations.

Cristin Nelson