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Snack tasting results

08/26/2013 WATERTOWN, MA Clockwise from top - Drakes's Coffee Cake (cq), Hostess Twinkie (cq), Hostess CupCake (cq), Drake's Devil Dog (cq), Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie (cq), Whoopie Pie from Concord Teacakes (cq) and Little Debbie Swiss Roll (cq) photographed during a snack cake taste test held at Arsenal Park (cq) in Watertown. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)
Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe
Clockwise from top, Drake's Coffee Cake, Hostess Twinkie, Hostess CupCake, Drake's Devil Dog, Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie, Whoopie Pie from Concord Teacakes, and Little Debbie Swiss Roll.



$5.49 for 4

Two round layers of dark chocolate cake with a thick layer of frosting between. “Too much cream” and “too sweet” were recurring comments for both adults and kids, but they liked the cake. To that end, one of the children said, “Chocolate and a lot of cream in the middle.” Adults praised the cake as “good” and “moist.” One adult chose this as her favorite and said, “I didn’t enjoy any of the other cakes.”



$2.99 for 8

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Two oblong slices of chocolate cake with a layer of cream. This confection got mixed reviews. Kids were a bit kinder and adults didn’t think it was the real deal. A kid comment: “It was amazing.” Others: “chocolate-y, creamy and delicious.” Some found it “way too chocolate-y” and “sugary.” An adult: “This is not the original Devil Dog.” Another said: “good but not as good as I had them,” “tasted like it was made with a bad sugar substitute. Has a strong aftertaste,” “cake was moist but it didn’t last like the Devil Dogs I’m used to.”

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe
Drake's Coffee Cakes.


$2.99 for 10

Round mini yellow cake with thick cinnamon crumb topping. This got kudos from both groups and was chosen favorite by adults and a few kids. Everyone detected the cinnamon. “We all have smiles on our faces, crumb cakes bring our childhood back,” said one of the moms. One of the kids: “Muffin. I liked it.” Another: “Soft and has a lot of cinnamon.” Adults said, “Yum, nice cinnamon taste, soft, sweet.”

“I remember enjoying these in high school. Not so much now. Too sweet and artificial tasting.” “Crumbs delicious, cake dry.”



$3.99 for 10

Tube-shaped cream-filled golden sponge cake. Memory often trumps reality. Our group wasn’t kind. Kids: “Soft bread with lemon outside. Cream inside. Too much lemon,” “soft and sweet with a little bit of lemon flavor.” Adults: “Tastes like a kitchen sponge would taste if sprinkled with sugar.” “Kind of spongy and cloying.” “Not as sweet as I thought, made me thirsty,” “too sweet and spongy, I see why they stopped the company, no offense.”

Hostess cupcakes.


$3.99 for 8

Chocolate cupcake with a cream center and a thick layer of smooth chocolate icing. Kids: “Cupcake tastes good, but should have more cream,” “soft chocolate-y creamy inside, harder outside.” Adults: “My favorite of the chocolate [items]. Not sicky sweet. Good.” “Favorite of the cakes; still turned off by artificial flavor and bad aftertaste,” “cream inside tastes great, can eat more than one (not rich),” “cream was very artificially flavored.”


$1.70 for 12


Soft oatmeal cookie sandwich filled with cream. Several thought it tasted healthy. Kids: “Creamy with a soft cookie top,” “tastes like gingerbread.” Adults: “Too sweet, gritty with artificial oatmeal ginger taste,” “cake tastes like raisins,” “this dessert is delicious, feels healthy, texture is perfect.”


$1.67 for 12 cakes

Chocolate cylinder jelly-roll style filled with cream with a full chocolate coating. Both groups found this to be overly sweet. Kids: “Really sweet,” “soft and chocolate-y filled with cream.” Adults: “Too sweet to eat more than a bite,” “squishy and a bit powdery,” “chocolate and cream — yum.”

Debra Samuels