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By only six votes, Oleana edged out Myers + Chang.

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Emilia Romagna is Italy’s gastronomic heartland.

Food & Travel

A family organized a whole trip around one meal in Modena, Italy. Was it worth it?

This family organized a whole trip around a meal at Osteria Francescana, the 2016 “World’s Best Restaurant,” in Modena, Italy. Was it worth it?

Lavva yogurts are non-dairy, plant-based.

You might go nuts over Lavva Yogurt

The non-dairy yogurt is made with the pili nut, grown on trees in volcanic soil in Southeast Asia, and not readily available in stores in the United States.

Ikea to debut a veggie hot dog at Boston Calling — no assembly required

The Swedish furniture company, Ikea, will debut new veggie dogs at the Boston Calling music festival before a US launch in the fall.

The Magic Bullet can be used to quickly make veggie and fruit smoothies.

Fruit and veggie gadgets that can change your life

We reached out to some nutritionists to find out the produce gadgets they use to help them and their families eat better in less time.

Mario Batali in April 2017.

Women detail sexual misconduct allegations against Mario Batali in ‘60 Minutes’ interview

Several women who worked at a New York restaurant frequented by the celebrity chef with ties to Boston alleged in a “60 Minutes” interview that Batali tried to grope them.

Zhoug Sauce from Trader Joe’s.

In Zhoug Sauce, spice is so nice

Blended with garlic, cumin, coriander and cardamom, Zhoug Sauce is a staple in the Middle East and often stirred into hummus for a spicy kick.

Lemon loaf drizzle cake

Recipe: The British name for this glazed lemon loaf, brushed with syrup, is ‘drizzle cake’

When it comes out of the oven, punch holes in the cake with a skewer and brush lemon syrup on top. The syrup soaks into the cake, making it moist and citrusy.

Sweet-and-spicy shrimp skewers

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Sweet, spicy shrimp on skewers turn smoky after a few minutes on the grill

These shrimp skewers have it all: sweetness (brown sugar and honey), acidity (rice vinegar), salt and umami (fish sauce), heat (chile-garlic sauce), and smoke (from the grill).

New Starbucks policy: No purchase needed to sit in cafes

Starbucks announced a new policy Saturday that allows anyone to sit in its cafes or use its restrooms, even if they don’t buy anything.

Missouri lawmakers approve measure regulating fake meat

Missouri lawmakers have approved legislation that bans companies from labeling lab-grown meat products or meat substitutes as meat.

From left: White wine sangria; white sangria with honeydew, kiwi, and grapes; and classic red wine sangria.


Recipes: Four ways to make summer sangria, with or without wine

Wine, well-chosen fruit, and modest sweetening are all sangria needs to be great.

Owner of Violet Bakery in Hackney, east London, Claire Ptak (L) and head baker, Izaak Adams put the finishing touches to the wedding cake of Britain's Prince Harry and US actress Meghan Markle in the kitchens of Buckingham Palace in London, on May 17, 2018. Britain's Prince Harry and US actress Meghan Markle will marry on May 19 at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. / AFP PHOTO / POOL / HANNAH MCKAYHANNAH MCKAY/AFP/Getty Images

An early look at part of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cake

The three-part layered lemon and elderflower wedding cake for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have an ‘‘ethereal’’ taste and an unusual display, the baker said.

An al fresco yoga class at The Street Chestnut Hill.

hot ticket

Free al fresco offerings at The Street Chestnut Hill

Can’t make it to the beach? Go to Route 9 instead.

Maricela Salgado prepares guacamole at Blue Dalia.

quick bites

At Blue Dalia in Natick, there’s a margarita waiting just beyond the checkout lane

A look at Blue Dalia, a Mexican restaurant inside a Wegmans inside the mall in Natick.

Backyard Betty's will be opening in South Boston on May 18.


Hello Backyard Betty’s, goodbye Central Bistro

Restaurant news you can use.


Massachusetts-made wine from Portuguese grapes

Montez could have sourced fruit from California, but looked instead to Transmontano, in northeastern Portugal, where his family’s vineyard and winery are located.

Kitchen staff work in the Royal Kitchen at Windsor Castle in Windsor as they begin preparations for the wedding banquet for the marriage ceremony of Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Say ‘I do’ to some classic British recipes

Any wedding viewing party should certainly come with festive royal food.

Harvard and Yale polo teams square off on the beach at Ocean House.

For an otherworldly splurge, beach polo at the Ocean House

You have to hand it to the Ocean House, the luxurious Relais & Chateaux seaside resort on the bluffs at Watch Hill. They come up with programming not readily seen anywhere else in the region.

The VIP Lounge with J.D. Martinez

We caught up with the Red Sox slugger to talk about all things travel.

The Kayak Centre of Rhode Island offers several tours that depart from Wickford.

Wickford Village worth seeking out

If you don’t know about Wickford Village — if you’re not deliberately seeking it out — there’s a solid chance you’d never just happen through.


A wick(ed) good time at this former candle factory

The Wick is a 55-room hotel is set in a former candle-and-soap-manufacturing facility, and there’s nothing cookie-cutter about the property.

La Vie en Rose is a creation on the menu at W XYZ Bar at Aloft Boston Seaport.

From the Bar

From the Bar: La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose is a fitting a cocktail for session sipping in the afternoon sunshine.

Saison Rosé from Brewery Ommegang


Four wine beers you should try immediately

Wine-beer hybrids will soon be everywhere, brewed by your favorite brands and as on-trend as last year’s rosé-all-day movement.

Cheng Du spicy dumplings at Sichuan Gourmet in Burlington.

What She’s Having

Go out of your way for Sichuan Gourmet

I brave rush-hour traffic to grab takeout there. My go-to order: Cheng Du spicy dumplings, Sichuan wontons with spicy chile sauce, and green bean jelly with Cheng Du spicy sauce.

“Strip-T’s is my personality,” says Paul Maslow, who opened the restaurant in 1986. “It’s who I am. I am a little fearful of how I’m going to feel when who I am for the past 32 years is no longer.”

Strip-T’s in Watertown is closing, and with it goes a little piece of the restaurant scene’s soul

The Watertown hole-in-the-wall became an unlikely culinary destination, but the relationships forged here were always the real draw.

Emily Ryan is Share Our Strength’s New England director of development.

Getting Salty

Getting Salty with Share Our Strength’s Emily Ryan

Share Our Strength holds its 30th annual Taste of the Nation fund-raiser in Boston on June 5, with more than 60 restaurants serving food and drinks to benefit their No Kid Hungry campaign.

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: For a crowd, serve a grilled flank steak with an aromatic Italian herb sauce

This sauce is a classic Italian salsa verde (don’t confuse it with the Mexican sauce of the same name), which combines capers, mustard, lemon juice, anchovies, parsley, rosemary, and mint.

Le Crueset’s steel pots perfect for your next seafood boil

Sturdy, but lighter than cast iron, these high-profile enamel-coated steel pots have tight fitting lids and are crafted to heat water quickly, efficiently, and evenly on any heat source for boiling and steaming shellfish.

The Kitchen Helper Guide, a source for chefs of all skill levels

The small packet is useful for cooks of all calibers because it is loaded with facts: equivalent measurements, emergency substitutions, roasting and microwave timetables, and descriptions of spices and herbs and which foods they match well with.

‘My Kitchen Chalkboard’ offers families ideas for planning a week’s menu in advance

To keep her nightly chaos in check, local author Leigh Belanger writes out weekly meals on a kitchen chalkboard so her two boys know what to expect. And she knows, too.

Monkfish tail medallions are seared in a pan and served with mushrooms in Marsala wine sauce.

Marsala brings out the beauty in monkfish

The Daily Catch has been serving monkfish Marsala since the early 1970s, before taste for monkfish expanded beyond largely Italian and Portuguese kitchens.

Strawberry shortcakes

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Strawberry shortcakes are one of the joys of berry season

Cut buttermilk shortcakes from a square of dough to form nine pieces (if you bake for eight guests, someone gets seconds!). It’s an efficient way of dividing up the dough without scraps.

Beef and ricotta meatballs

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Instead of adding breadcrumbs to beef meatballs, stir in ricotta and simmer in sauce

Drop these meatballs directly into a simmering tomato sauce, rather than browning them in oil — your stovetop will be happy. They'll keep their shape and flavor the sauce.

Recipe: The Daily Catch’s Monkfish Marsala

It has the richness of chicken Marsala with the lightness of a fish dish.

hot ticket

Public market sets up shop in the Seaport

Among the maze of ritzy restaurants and elegant high-rises, there will soon be produce.

Rhubarb and rose Dutch baby.


Recipes: Soft, crisp pancakes with rhubarb, salmon, or chocolate

Impress mom on Mother’s Day with these sweet and savory Dutch baby recipes.  

Boston, MA - 5/9/2017 - Customers wait in line for lunch orders bought in store at Flour Bakery in Cambridge, MA, May 9, 2017. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

Joanne Chang to open new Flour Bakery in the Seaport this summer

The bakery chain, best known for its gooey sticky buns and other blissful baked goods, will move its production kitchen to the new location, as well.

Dunkin’ celebrates wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a heart-shaped doughnut

Fittingly, it is similar to Royal Wedding doughnut the chain made for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials in 2011.

Talulla takes over the former T.W. Food space in Cambridge’s Huron Village.

quick bites

Talulla in Huron Village, where white tablecloths don’t mean you can’t have fun

Those who loved T.W. Food will find that little has changed in the small dining room.


A new place for lobster rolls in Marina Bay

Restaurant news you can use — including that a new Flour location will open in the Seaport.


It’s Greek to me

The signature drink Boston native Effie Panagopoulos created uses only lemon juice and basil leaves to boost its fresh, earthy notes.

Houses in the La Boca neighborhood of the Buenos Aires.

Argentina’s capital is a seductive pleasure that transcends the tango and Evita

What’s it like to conquer Buenos Aires in 60 hours? Picture sitting down to a nine-course meal and being told that you have 15 minutes to consume it all.

Elin Hilderbrand, who writes her best-selling novels longhand while on the beaches of Nantucket, says “It provides a calm, relaxed setting that is also inspiration.”

Elin Hilderbrand’s love affair with Nantucket

New York Times best-selling author Elin Hilderbrand eats, sleeps, and breathes Nantucket. What set it apart, she says, is the island’s authenticity.

The French onion soup at Les Zygomates is so popular, customers even order when temperatures are soaring in August.

Globe Magazine

All hail the French onion soup at Les Zygomates

The culinary classic never falls out of favor at this established eatery.

Globe Magazine

Five restaurants that are gone from Boston but definitely not forgotten

The Globe’s former food editor remembers a handful of classic dining spots that stole our hearts. Which ones are on your list?

Pan-Roasted Icelandic Cod At Il Capriccio.

Globe Magazine

How does a restaurant survive for decades? These 10 have a winning formula

With new spots opening all the time, it’s not easy to keep a restaurant going for decades.

Double shot

Matt Viser | Double Shot

// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.