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// Oleana wins Munch Madness 2017

By only six votes, Oleana edged out Myers + Chang.

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Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I knew I was going to get teased for [the] crayons’

Will being caught with crayons at the restaurant be a mark against him?

Chili verde (New Mexico-style roasted green chili, tomatillo, and pork stew).

Cooking | Magazine

Recipes: New Mexican-style green chili, plus beer and cheese bread, and an ancho-spiced dessert

These dishes make for a satisfying lunch or dinner.

The Grafton Inn in Vermont will serve a traditional dinner, as well as cajun-style turkey and vegetarian fare.

Thanksgiving out: Stylish spots to wine and dine in style on turkey day

We’ve rounded up some of the best spots in New England to wine and dine on a Thanksgiving dinner that you don’t have to cook yourself.

In the VIP Lounge with songwriter Stephen Bray

Songwriter Stephen Bray remembers fondly his days at Berklee College of Music, and is thrilled that “The Color Purple,” for which he won a Grammy Award for best musical theater album and was nominated for a Tony Award, is coming to Boston. We caught up with Bray to talk all things travel.

From left: Benno Farmhouse, Penombre black IPA, Flower Power IPA, and Serpent’s Stout Imperial Stout at Row 34.


Sips: What’s old is new again at Row 34

The Fort Point spot is launching a new program called “bookshelf beers,” featuring rare brews on shelves in a former elevator shaft that serves as the restaurant’s quirky storage space.

Joe Faro of Tuscan Market, Tuscan Kitchen, and Tuscan Kitchen Seaport.


Tables: Tuscan Kitchen opens in the Seaport, plus healthy food in Southie

Restaurant news you can use.

Shoppers look over prepared foods at the new Wegmans in Medford.

Quick Bite

Quick Bite: The new Medford Wegmans is big, and it’s got a Burger Bar

It’s an epic 120,000-square-foot grocery shopping experience, including an array of hot and cold food stations — with adjacent seating for 200 — that would put any cafeteria to shame.

Susan Muther, the author’s mom, watches the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.


The ancestry-fueled trip of a lifetime in London

When a mother became obsessed with her ancestry, her son decided it was time to bring her back to the motherland. Cue the tears and the scones.

Six ways to help keep your blood pressure down

Here are the six changes you can make in your life if your blood pressure is higher than it should be.

Harvest’s Smoke Show

From the Bar

From the Bar: A balanced, complex drink for your holiday table (perhaps like the family sitting at it)

A look at Harvest’s Smoke Show, which offers a medley of flavors — tart pomegranate; baking spice-laced Becherovka; tangy citrus.

Ian Chester of Portico says its Chroma “would . . . be a strong counter to a plate full of turkey, mashed potatoes. and cranberry sauce.”


Bottles: The do’s and don’ts of Thanksgiving beer drinking

We reached out to brewing experts for some Thanksgiving advice that will come in handy whether you’re hosting or visiting.

Katrina Jazayeri

Getting Salty

Getting Salty with Katrina Jazayeri of Juliet

Her restaurant eschews tips in favor of a profit-sharing model for staff and will host a public salon series on topics like sexual harassment in the workplace in the coming months.

FoodCares comes to the Boston Public Market

The produce is hyperlocal, grown in urban farms, some of which were once vacant lots in Boston neighborhoods.

Cornbread muffins

Thanksgiving Recipes 2017

Recipe: Cornbread muffins are mixed with stoneground cornmeal for the best color and flavor

Northern cornbread and cornbread muffins are sweeter than southern, though these are hardly sweet.

Easiest ever skillet apple pie

Thanksgiving recipes 2017

Recipe: If the only thing standing between you and apple pie is rolling out the crust, this is for you

Whir pastry ingredients in a food processor, press into a skillet, top with apples, and bake. Apple pie has never been simpler.

No-cook cranberry relish with ginger

Thanksgiving recipes 2017

Recipe: This cranberry relish is so simple you don’t even cook it

Cranberries don’t have to be complicated, but they don’t have to come out of a can either. Instead of simmering plump, tart New England berries, pulse them in a food processor.

Glazed Brussels sprouts

Thanksgiving recipes 2017

Recipe: Six ingredients, including salt and pepper, make these Brussels sprouts soar

Tiny cabbages are glazed with honey-mustard. You won’t be able to stop eating them.

Curried butternut puree with toasted pepitas

Thanksgiving recipes 2017

Recipe: Mix pureed butternut squash with curry-butter to intensify the color and taste

Versatile butternut squash can pair with many flavors. Combined with curry powder and pumpkin seeds, it turns into a distinctive Thanksgiving side.

Smashed spicy baby potatoes

Thanksgiving recipes 2017

Recipe: Roast baby potatoes get a crispy upgrade with this spice and smash technique

Smashing potatoes creates more flat surface area for maximum crunch and exposes some of the flesh to soak up salt and smoky spices.

Scalloped potatoes

Thanksgiving recipes 2017

Recipe: Potatoes, cheese, and milk. What more could you want?

Scalloped potatoes are related to the French gratin Dauphinois. Both combine potatoes, cheese, and cream or milk. This recipe with Gruyere is closer to the French version.

Whole roasted cauliflower with gremolata breadcrumbs

Thanksgiving recipes 2017

Recipe: Here’s something for the holiday with a wow factor: a golden, whole roasted cauliflower

A whole cauliflower burnished in the oven until it’s a deep copper, then sprinkled with lemony breadcrumbs, is an edible work of art.

Kale panzanella with sherry vinegar

Thanksgiving recipes 2017

Recipe: For a small holiday gathering, skip the stuffing and make kale panzanella

If you’re planning a small holiday gathering or want to avoid the bother of traditional stuffing, try this simple deconstructed version, based on the popular Italian bread salad.

OXO silicone roasting racks

Insider: OXO silicone roasting racks, easier to clean and use

Use one for a small pan, or both side by side for a larger one, or stack them for extra height. They double as trivets.

Chicken Yassa (left), Senegalese-style back-eyed pea salad (center), and West African-style peanut soup.


Recipes: West African-style chicken, black-eyed pea salad, and peanut soup

Discover classic flavors with these three dishes from Senegal and Ghana.

Beeswax candles (left) made by Seaport Chandlers in Kittery Point, Maine.

Made in New England gifts: 2017 edition

Candles, jewelry, lamps, and more. Everything you need to support local artists and businesses while crossing people off your shopping list.

Settlers Green Outlet Village in North Conway, N.H.

Shop and then plop in one of these hotels

Hotels are offering deals on rooms for people seeking deals on gifts. Here are six ideas for overnight getaways in destinations that offer plenty of gift shopping in boutiques and outlets.

Tim and Bronwyn Wiechmann at Bronwyn in Somerville.


Tables: Bronwyn expands and Carmen gets casual at Carmen’s

Restaurant news you can use.

Better Bagels in the Seaport.

Quick Bite

With Better Bagels, the Seaport gets a schmear

Would you like yours with egg and cheese, lox, or chipotle turkey?


A new book invites you to ‘Drink Progressively’

The book’s organizing principle mirrors how the couple stocks the shelves of their South End wine shop: from light-bodied to full-bodied, rather than by varietal or region.

Top row: Ocean House chef Jennifer Backman and one of her dishes; The White Mountains Inn to Inn Holiday Cookie and Candy Tour includes treats from the Inn at Crystal Lake. Bottom from left: The Lincoln Inn and Restaurant and nut-crusted Atlantic halibut on a bed of summer vegetables at the Old Inn on the Green.

Winter Travel | Magazine

Ten restaurants to try in New England this winter

Some people claim that winter is ski season. Or hockey season. Or skating season. Some of us know better. In New England, it’s eating season.

story behind the book | kate tuttle

Rising satisfaction with his life and career

In “Breaking Bread,” Martin Philip describes his love of the “daily discipline” and traditional craft of baking.

Chef Kenny Dupree poses with a 5-foot Monstah roll at Lobstah on a Roll in Boston Wednesday.

A new South End restaurant serves a 5-foot-long, $900 lobster roll

The Monstah from Lobstah on a Roll is made with meat from 80 lobsters, sourced from Maine, designed to feed about 60 seafood lovers.


Not all ciders are created equal

Shannon Edgar wants you to know his cider is different because the fruit it’s made from is different. Stormalong uses old varieties of bittersweets and bittersharps.

Nestor Ramos with his trusty bodyguard (aka Globe reporter Steve Annear), getting ready to eat President Trump's preferred McDonald's meal.

Nestor Ramos

What it’s like to eat Trump’s favorite McDonald’s meal

After Politico revealed President Trump’s favored McDonald’s order, Nestor Ramos dispatched his own body man to pick it up.

from the bar

This Spanish red is the life of the party

Alfredo Maestro, a next-generation winemaker based in Ribera del Duero, crafts organic wines from forgotten plots of old vines.

Half rotisserie chicken and a side of cabbage with bacon at Branch Line.

What She’s Having

Branch Line’s succulent success

The restaurant at the Watertown Arsenal has perfected rotisserie chickens.

Makers of Brewer’s Crackers use spent grains from Lamplighter Brewing Co.

Spent grains — making their way into crackers, pretzels, cookies — have never tasted so good

If you like beer, consider any consumption of spent grain as beneficial recycling or what the ReGrained founders call “edible upcycling.”

Recipe: Beef barbacoa tacos

The tender shredded beef showcases the power of the pressure cooker to turn out in just an hour a meal that would ordinarily take hours of slow cooking.

Sour cream crumb coffee cake

Recipe: For brunch or a houseful of guests any time, this cake will get you through the holidays

Topped with craggy, buttery, brown-sugar crumbs, this coffee cake can sit on the kitchen counter so guests can help themselves when they pass by.

Sweet potato bisque with turmeric

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: A pretty orange bisque for the Thanksgiving table or any weeknight

Simmer sweet potatoes with turmeric and other spices, then puree them into a soup garnished with fresh mint, yogurt, and chopped cashews.

The confident cook

Recipe: You couldn’t ask for an easier party dish than prosciutto-wrapped pork tenderloins

Lean, slender pork tenderloins, famous for their fine texture and ease of preparation, get a boost in flavor from dried and fresh herbs, apples, and a blanket of prosciutto.

Tom and Monica Rogan started producing chocolate bars last year at Goodnow Farms.

Insider: Chocolate made at a farm near you — in Sudbury

Tom and Monica Rogan, chocolate lovers both, started producing rich tasting and incredibly smooth bars last year at Goodnow Farms.

Josh Foley, chef-owner of Avenue

Insider: Washroom whimsy with Julia Child at Avenue

Chef-owner Josh Foley arranged to have over 17 hours of her TV show “The French Chef” piped in during dinner hours.

Raymond Ost, executive chef of Wilson Farm

Insider: Harvest festival with a French flair at Wilson Farm

It’s not every day that prestigious French chefs participate in a New England harvest festival, but that changes this Sunday at Lexington’s Wilson Farm.

It may be an Instant Pot, but mastery of it is not

The product was developed in Canada in 2009, but it’s gained steam lately (no pun intended). So Globe Food writer Kara Baskin gave it a go — with mixed results.

Jason Santos

Getting Salty

Getting Salty with Jason Santos

The chef, who earned fans at Tremont 647 and Gargoyles on the Square, will soon open Citrus & Salt.

Double shot

Matt Viser | Double Shot

// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.