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A new report says the hodgepodge of warnings that a food might accidentally contain a troublesome ingredient is confusing to people with food allergies.

Think food allergy warnings are confusing? You’re not alone.

A new report says the hodgepodge of warnings that a food might accidentally contain a troublesome ingredient is confusing.

Webster man sues neighbor over mess left by seagulls

A Webster man says his neighbor feeds the seagulls that hang around his neighborhood, leaving droppings all over his property.

Dr. Cooley performed the first successful human heart transplant in the United States.

Denton Cooley, 96, pioneering heart surgeon

Dr. Cooley performed some of the nation’s first heart transplants and implanted the world’s first artificial heart.

The Ebola outbreak may have been bigger than believed, with ‘invisible’ infection

A significant number of people may have been infected with the virus but showed minimal or no symptoms.

New Doctors Without Borders survey: Thousands of kids dying in Nigeria

The organization hopes that official recognition of the calamity will help bring urgent aid.

Troubled town now faces blood tests for chemical

In chronically struggling Newburgh, residents have been beset by poverty, high crime, and boarded-up homes .

Demonstrators carry signs during a

Calls to suicide hotlines surge in hours after Trump’s election

‘‘We didn’t see numbers like this in 2008 or 2012,’’ said one suicide prevention organization. ‘‘This was an extraordinary year by any stretch of the imagination.’’

ADVANCE FOR USE FRIDAY, NOV. 11, 2016 AND THEREAFTER-Mike Baughman sits for a photo at his home in Danville, Calif., on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016. The 64-year-old is among hundreds of veterans who have been diagnosed with a rare form of bile duct cancer that may be linked to their time in the service and an unexpected source: parasites in raw or poorly cooked river fish. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Still fighting: Vietnam vets struggle to get help for rare cancer

Decades after being infected with liver flukes, victims are susceptible to a rare cancer called cholangiocarcinoma. Symptoms typically do not occur until advanced stages.

The view toward Lookout Mountain in Tennessee was obscured earlier this week.

Southern wildfires create smoky haze, prompt health concerns

Wildfires burning across the South have created a smoky haze over metro Atlanta and prompted a public health advisory in Kentucky — and the forests are expected to continue burning for days as flaming leaves fall to the ground and spread the fire, authorities said Wednesday.

Some immune-boosting cancer drugs may pose rare heart risks

Doctors have found a disturbing downside to some powerful new drugs that harness the immune system to fight cancer: In rare cases, they may cause potentially fatal heart damage, especially when used together.

Skin patch could help youths with peanut allergies

Nearly half of those treated with the Viaskin Peanut patch for one year were able to consume at least 10 times more peanut protein.

Zika virus found to damage testes of mice

The virus sharply reduces sperm counts and fertility, according to a study that raises questions about its effects on men.

Talc verdict winner says money can’t make up for lost health

Deborah Giannecchini’s win was the third big decision awarded by a St. Louis jury against Johnson & Johnson in ovarian cancer lawsuits this year.

Did a cranberry juice folk remedy just bite the dust?

Good news for cranberry juice haters: It can’t help your UTI after all.

Study: Asian immigrants to US giving birth at higher rates

Asian immigrant women are increasingly accounting for a larger share of foreign mothers who give birth to children in the U.S., signaling a changing landscape of immigrants in America as Asians continue to outpace Latinos in growth.

The story of how HIV reached the United States is all wrong

Researchers used genomic sequencing of blood samples to reconstruct the ‘‘family tree’’ of the virus in unprecedented detail.

One-fourth of US cancer deaths linked with one thing: smoking

The rate is highest among men in Southern states where smoking is more common and tobacco control policies are less strict.

First transgender soldiers seek formal Army recognition

Army officials said 10 soldiers have formally asked to be recognized as their new, preferred gender.

Polish women protest new abortion restrictions

A large group gathered Sunday in Warsaw, decrying the Catholic Church’s influence on political life.

APNewsBreak: Watchdog says EPA delayed Flint emergency order

The Environmental Protection Agency had sufficient authority and information to issue an emergency order to protect residents of Flint, Michigan, from lead-contaminated water as early as June 2015 — seven months before it declared an emergency, the EPA’s inspector general said Thursday.

Jennifer Danner (left), sister of Deborah Danner, spoke to reporters alongside relatives and friends, near the building in the Castle Hill neighborhood of the Bronx where Deborah Danner was fatally shot by the police, on Wednesday.

NY mayor calls police shooting unacceptable

Bill de Blasio said the victim’s death was “tragic” and “unacceptable” and her shooting violated department policy.

Preteens can have fewer HPV shots, panel says

It may soon be easier for preteens to get the vaccine against cervical cancer. A government panel is recommending they get fewer shots spaced further apart.

Seven things I wish I’d known before I had a miscarriage

Because of the silence around miscarriage, we don’t know what to expect, what it means for the future, or why losing something so small makes us feel so sad.

Texas board suspends license of vet who killed cat

A Facebook post showed the cat dangling from an arrow as the woman held it up.

B12 is found naturally only in animal products — most notably beef liver and clams.

Here’s why you need vitamin B12, and where you can find it

Symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, and forgetfulness might point to a B12 deficiency, and should not be ignored.

Flight attendant to black female doctor: ‘We’re looking for actual physicians’

Tamika Cross, a physician, has accused Delta Air Lines of “blatant discrimination.’’

Mother of formerly conjoined twins says future is uncertain

Nicole McDonald described the atmosphere as ‘‘one of celebration mixed with uncertainty.’”

Images show addiction’s effect on kids, but to what end?

Widely shared, heartbreaking images of children dealing with the effects of their loved ones’ heroin addiction are raising questions about whether the pictures and videos can scare addicts straight or simply exploit the youngest victims of the epidemic.

Democratic governor: Health law ‘no longer affordable’

Minnesota’s Democratic governor said Wednesday that the Affordable Care Act is “no longer affordable,” a stinging critique from a state leader who strongly embraced the law and proudly proclaimed health reform was working in Minnesota just a few years ago.

A study released Wednesday questioned the value of mammograms for breast cancer screening.

Study questions value of mammograms, breast cancer screening

The study concludes that a woman is more likely to be diagnosed with a small tumor that is not destined to grow than she is to have a true problem spotted early.

Should you replace olive oil with coconut oil?

Coconut oil has a lot going for it from a culinary perspective, but it also raises bad cholesterol.

The UN humanitarian agency has made an appeal for nearly $120 million in aid, saying about 750,000 people in southwest Haiti alone will need ‘‘life-saving assistance and protection.’’

Haitians await aid, help each other regain some normalcy

People throughout Haiti’s devastated southwest peninsula formed makeshift brigades as anger grew over the delay in aid.

In this Sept. 28, 2016 photo, 1-year-old Jose Wesley Campos, who was born with microcephaly, cries during a physical therapy session at the AACD rehabilitation center in Recife, Brazil. Breathing problems make his cries sound like gargling, and his legs stiffen when he is picked up. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Zika ‘syndrome’: Health problems mount as babies turn 1

Learning how to eat is just one of the problems as infants born with Zika virus maladies struggle to grow.

Saudi-led coalition airstrike hits Yemen funeral, kills 82

Nasser al-Argaly, the Health Ministry’s undersecretary, said the strike in Sana lso left 534 people wounded.

Vegan mom fed her 11-month-old only fruit and nuts. Now she faces child endangerment charges.

Family members said she took her food choices too far.

British lawmaker hospitalized after party clash

Feuding in Britain’s right-wing UK Independence Party erupted into violence Thursday that left a member of the European Parliament hospitalized with a head injury.

First lady going all-out to preserve White House garden

WASHINGTON — Michelle Obama is going all-out to make sure the White House kitchen garden that she created in 2009 and expanded twice doesn’t get plowed under by the next first family.

Norma Bauerschmidt’s journey with her son, daughter-in-law, and their dog has been chronicled on the Facebook page Driving Miss Norma.

She needed treatment to save her life. Instead, she chose to live it.

A Michigan woman who decided to take a cross-country RV trip instead of undergoing cancer treatment has died at the age of 91.

Some women feel vindicated as study links birth control to depression

‘‘It’s not in your head,’’ one woman wrote on Twitter, sharing the study results.

You probably weigh less now than you will all year

Maybe October should be bikini season instead.

Donald Trump at the

Trump suggests military members with mental health issues aren’t ‘strong’ and ‘can’t handle it’

“We have a politically correct military, and it’s getting more and more politically correct everyday,” Donald Trump said Monday.

Instead of looking at your doctor’s résumé or diploma, you might want to check their voting record, a new study suggests.

Study suggests Democratic, Republican doctors treat patients differently

Instead of looking at your doctor’s résumé or diploma, you might want to check their voting record.

Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Kelly Ayotte’s campaign hands out condoms at N.H. colleges

Republican US Senator Kelly Ayotte’s campaign is aiming to highlight a birth control bill she sponsored.

Thousands of women and men gathered in front of the Polish parliament Saturday to protest the proposed bill.

Black-clad Poles protest proposal to completely ban abortion

Thousands of Poles, many dressed in black, rallied Saturday in front of parliament in Warsaw to protest a proposed bill that would impose a complete ban on abortion.

Zika illnesses are mild at worst in US teens, young children

The report seems to confirm health officials’ belief that infections after birth in children are similar to infections in adults — most people don’t feel sick, and some develop only mild symptoms.

Baby born with DNA from 3 people

A new technique that combines DNA from three people was used to prevent the child from inheriting a fatal genetic disease from the mother.

Aboriginal women vote in a remote voting station in the western New South Wales outback town of Enngonia, Australia, June 22, 2016. REUTERS/David Gray SEARCH

Aboriginal DNA points to an earlier human exodus from Africa

Aboriginal people appear to be the oldest living civilization on the planet outside of Africa.

Man freed after getting head stuck in R.I. jetty while fetching phone

A man who got stuck head-first between two rocks on a Rhode Island jetty while trying to retrieve his cellphone has been rescued with the help of olive oil.

Belgium sees first case of minor being granted euthanasia

A senator said the minor was from Belgium’s Flemish region, but declined to provide further details.


Reflective Clinton returns to campaign trail after pneumonia

Back on the campaign trail, a reflective Hillary Clinton said Thursday her three-day, doctor-mandated break gave her new perspective on why she’s running to be president. She vowed to close her campaign against Donald Trump by giving Americans “something to vote for, not just against.”