Experts show you how to work out outside

Mark Safer and Simran Ahluwalia, trainers with Equinox, demonstrate outdoor exercises, such as the “Inverted Body Row.”

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

New England’s temperate summer climate and bounty of parks and green space make it a prime location for outdoor fitness.

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Normal worry, or hypochondria?

True hypochondria involves anxiety about illness so severe or persistent that it becomes an illness itself.

Health events

Boston bike ride and Provincetown Harbor swim

Hop on a bike, swim in the ocean, or do yoga on a rooftop.

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Ever wonder why older people sleep less?

New research from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center may finally explain why: they have lost sleep-promoting brain cells.

New studies erase traumatic memories in mice

A growing body of work shows that, at least in rodents, triggering brain circuits can alter remembrance.

Health Answers

What’s the difference between vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Though both involve memory and cognitive impairments, vascular dementia may also affect movement and walking.

Health News

Study: Combining vaccines boosts polio immunity

Polio has been wiped out of many countries thanks to massive use of oral vaccine.

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Botox for fighting cancer?

Cutting off nerve cells that feed tumors appears to stop cancers from progressing, new research suggests.

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Nut butter recalls

nSpired Natural Foods, Inc. has recalled 43 batches of peanut and other nut butters because of possible contamination with salmonella.

Innovative Museum of Science programs help workers get healthier

The museum’s workplace weight-loss program has helped employees drop more pounds than similar efforts.

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