If the sea is dirty, the sand is worse


Evidence suggests that contaminated sand can make you sick, causing diarrhea and other gastrointestinal illnesses.

Triggering happy memories, scientifically

Susumu Tonegawa, a Nobel-winning molecular biologist at MIT, recently completed work that might eventually help depressed people bounce back.

The Snake Recurve Bow from PSE is a good beginner model.

Have a hunger for archery? How to get started.

With the recent spike of archery being featured in popular movies and books, it’s no wonder the sport has seen a recent surge in popularity.


Some people age faster than others

Ever wonder why you got your first wrinkles years before your friends, even though you’re the same age?

Deb Downs (left) and Therese Walsh run through the Arnold Arboretum as part of a 9-week Couch-to-5K  program.

Tips for those starting running after 40

Are there any special physical considerations for newbies who’ve crossed the threshold of 40? Specialists say yes and no.

Deep Breath

Stuff that dreams (and nightmares) are made of

Dreams are not literal replays of our daily lives. But they can help the brain make sense of what happened when we were awake.

My Workout

Tom Caron, 51, NESN studio host

Caron switches off between running and going to the gym, where he does interval training.

Beta Test

A personal scent bracelet for the fashionably adventurous

Vapor Communications says it is “bringing scent into the contemporary conversation” through products that emit them.


The insincerity of the humblebrag

A trio of Harvard Business School researchers has found it’s better to brag outright than opt for the humblebrag.

// Gear for your first New England day hike

Along with the New England summer sun often comes a lust for conquering nearby rocky terrain.

To combat stress, exercise harder

The federal government recommends getting a minimum of 150 minutes of movement a week to maintain good health — but to combat stress, you probably need more.

Special section: Mass. health care law

Massachusetts health care law

Here you will find coverage of the law’s provisions, the debate that led to its enactment, Romney’s role in its passage, and what’s happened in Massachusetts since the law passed.