Six myths about nutrition and health

Greg Mably for The Boston Globe

Six local nutrition and health professionals have offered to debunk some of the most common — and, to them, annoying — misconceptions they hear bandied about.

Gear Up

// Body-weight training gear

Thousands of health fitness professionals predict we will all soon be doing squats, lunges, pull-ups, and other exercises that use body weight as resistance.


// Golden rule of sharing online

The golden rule this isn’t. When it comes to social media, sharing seems to help, but caring may come with a price.

// Cold prevention tip: Keep your nose warm

Ever wonder why you get more colds when it’s cold? New research has identified a scientific reason.

Handling stress at work

Research has found that even short interludes of mindfulness meditation can improve focus and promote more rational decision-making, among other benefits.

// When it comes to exercise, long and slow or hot and fast?

For those with busy schedules, what’s the best and most effective way to get fit?

Deep Breath

/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2015/01/14/ Laugh your worries away

We often talk about laughing at our troubles; Laura Malloy actually teaches people how.


// Eating more whole grains is worth the trouble

In fact, a new Harvard School of Public Health study offers fresh reasons to stick with it.

// My workout: Jody Adams, restaurateur

The restaurateur describes her workout routine.

// Scalp device might help patients with brain tumors

The experimental Optune device appears to modestly extend the life of brain cancer patients, but costs $21,000 a month.

New FDA rules will put calorie counts on menus

Within the next year, consumers will know just how many calories are in many prepared food items, including movie popcorn and vending machine fare.

Some patients are getting colonoscopies too often

A recently-published study revealed that some patients get colonoscopies too often, exposing them to unneeded risks and raising costs.

// Program for needy patients struggles

An experiment to improve care for the state’s sickest residents is proving more complex and expensive than originally envisioned.

// Helping children push past the pain

A growing number of clinics are helping children manage chronic pain to lead active lives.

Daily Dose

Harvard study gives reassurance for pregnant woman with HIV

The study found that most combinations of HIV medications don’t increase the risk of structural abnormalities in the fetus.

// Dental care for the developmentally disabled

Since the 1970s, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine has partnered with the state to fill a gap in care.

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Kotz reports on the latest consumer health news and advice including fitness, new treatments, nutrition, and more.

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// The meningitis outbreak

Globe coverage of the national outbreak linked to a Framingham compounding pharmacy.

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Massachusetts health care law

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