Innovative Museum of Science programs help workers get healthier

Jennifer Sullivan, who has lost more than 70 pounds, tries out an interactive walking display at the Museum of Science.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

The museum’s workplace weight-loss program has helped employees drop more pounds than similar efforts.

Sheldon Krimsky

Q&A with Sheldon Krimsky

Krimsky, a longtime Tufts University professor, has written or edited 13 books about science and society.

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Screening for new breast cancer genes leaves women with tough choices

There are a host of more recently identified mutations which can make prevention choices much more complex.

FDA approves more reliable at-home screening test for colon cancer

The new test is better at detecting cancer than currently used tests that check for hidden blood in the stool.

19th-century advances paved way for Ebola treatment

Researchers created similar, if cruder, antibody therapies as far back as the 1880s to treat diphtheria and pneumonia.

Health Answers

Can migraines be prevented without drugs?

There are other steps you can take to prevent migraines, either alone or in combination with medications.

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Aspirin may cut risk of breast cancer recurrence

The findings suggest that taking NSAIDs could help reduce inflammation in tumor cells, especially among overweight or obese breast patients, the researchers wrote.

Robin Williams in 2006.

Comic mania can mask darkness with joy

The death of Robin Williams highlights whether having a gift for humor makes a person prone to mood instabilities.

Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, an epidemiologist at Boston Medical Center, expects to be in Sierra Leone for two to three weeks.

Boston doctor hopes to gain expertise on Ebola mission

Dr. Nahid Bhadelia’s mission is humanitarian, but directly related to her job as infection control director for Boston University.

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