Deep Breath.

First college class: stress 101


A full 50 percent of college students face a mental health problem, such as anxiety, depression, or substance abuse.

Jim Koch kayaked in Apponagansett Bay in South Dartmouth.

My workout: Jim Koch

The chief executive of the Boston Beer Co., which brews Sam Adams, talks about how he avoids the dreaded beer belly.


How clean are your greens? Not very

There’s a booming business in spinach that is pre-washed, according to the packaging. But how clean does that actually make it?

Salt vs. sugar, a nutrition battle royale

Many feel somewhat better about grabbing forbidden snacks that are sweet as opposed to those that are salty.

deep breath

On mission to Mars, stress management is key

NASA is particularly concerned about astronaut stress as it begins plans to send a spacecraft to Mars in 2030.


It’s best to get a doctor’s note

Most patients have the legal right to read a doctor’s notes after an appointment, yet few do so.

gearing up

Games for a little summer fun?

Turn boredom into delightfully leisurely activity with these lawn games to spice up your last days of summer.

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Deep Breath

Stress may make you more likely to cheat

Feeling stressed can make us cranky and rude. But can it also make us less likely to behave honorably?

Social media helps agencies reach people in crisis

The humanitarian medical agency Doctors Without Borders found itself facing a dual crisis.

Gearing up

// Get ready to bike to work

Taking your bike to work has a lot going for it. Here are some tips on gear for those just starting up.

Deep Breaths

Study: Sitting too much can lead to anxiety

In a recent review of studies, Australian researchers found evidence of a link between emotional stress and sitting.

You could call it a failure to communicate

When technology wriggles its way into our daydreams, it can have unpredictable results in our relationships.


The trick to making exercise a daily habit

A regular cue, such as exercising at the same time each day after work, can help make it an automatic decision.

Special section: Mass. health care law

Massachusetts health care law

Here you will find coverage of the law’s provisions, the debate that led to its enactment, Romney’s role in its passage, and what’s happened in Massachusetts since the law passed.