Mayor Walsh announces Boston Alzheimer’s initiative

Boston will become the first major city to join the national Alzheimer’s Workplace Alliance.

HIV appears again in child thought cured

Doctors had hoped the aggressive treatment the girl received 30 hours after birth had helped cure her of the virus.

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Viewing exercise as fun means you’ll eat less after, study finds

Cornell University researchers found people who engage in physical activity they think of as fun eat fewer sweets afterward.

Companies eyeing Boston for marijuana dispensary

One of four companies invited to apply for a medical marijuana license in counties without an approved facility wants to open in Boston.

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ADHD drugs lacking in safety studies, Boston researchers find

While clinical trials show the drugs work to alleviate symptoms, very few investigate long-term safety, a new study shows.

Carlos Davila (center) and other children take part in outdoor activities at the Pelham Apartments complex in Framingham.

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More doctors order kids to get outside

Area pediatricians are increasingly writing prescriptions to encourage kids and teens to spend time outside.

Harbor Islands host summer fitness events

The Boston Harbor Islands are home to several outdoor health and fitness events this summer, and are just a ferry ride away.

// Map: Where to get some exercise in Boston

Where to find gyms, Hubway stations, and other places to keep active around the city.

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Should pelvic exam be skipped?

New advice urged doctors to stop performing routine pelvic exams in healthy women who aren’t pregnant.

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Free personalized medical information

A free website called Medivizor allows patients to input information about their specific diagnosis as in order to get a personalized research report.

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