Sean McDonough diagnosed with head issue

Some people hear voices, Sean McDonough hears his eyeballs. For real. The sportscaster, who’s working golf’s US Open for ESPN, has been diagnosed with superior canal dehiscence syndrome, and will have surgery on his head Aug. 7. McDonough told USA Today that he accidentally hit himself in the head with a putter while playing golf in February. “It didn’t hurt, didn’t even leave a bump,” he told the paper. But there were other problems. “I immediately heard loud squealing in my ears. My own footsteps sounded so loud — like bang, bang, bang — and my voice sounded louder in my head. . . . When I’m in a real quiet place, I can hear my eyeballs move.” SCDS is apparently caused when there’s a hole in the bone separating the inner ear from the brain. Reached Thursday at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, site of this year’s US Open, McDonough told us the problem was diagnosed by doctors at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and the surgery will be performed by Dr. Daniel Lee at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. “It’s not without risk because they have to move your brain to repair the bone,” he said. “So, yes, I’m anxious. But the great thing about living in Boston is the access to phenomenal health care.”