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    Vintage guitar destroyed by Delta is replaced

    Josh Stoddard

    The Zambonis are back in business. And not just the four-wheeled ones that resurface NHL rinks. The Connecticut band that wrote and recorded “To Bleed Black and Gold” for the Bruins a few years ago can once again make music because singer/guitarist Dave Schneider has his prized ax back. Last month, Schneider’s 1965 Gibson ES-335 was shredded by Delta baggage handlers, and the airline offered him a paltry $350 by way of an apology. When they didn’t budge — the vintage guitar is worth an estimated $10,000 — Schneider shared his story with Yahoo and CNN, and — voila! — Delta ponied up $8,000. “That’s a fair, non-greedy amount,” Schneider told us. But it gets better. Gibson heard about his problem and gave Schneider — yes, gave him — a 1963 50th anniversary ES-335 guitar in the same cherry-red color. He picked it up at Gibson’s offices in New York Thursday. “An admirable move on their part,” said Schneider, who used the airline’s money to buy two guitars that he plans to auction for charity. “I’m happy as can be.” In addition to the Zambonis, who write songs about hockey, Schneider and Guster’s Adam Gardner are in the Hanukkah-themed rock band the LeeVees.