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Kelly Osbourne back home after seizure

Kelly Osbourne is resting at home after being hospitalized for five days following a seizure. A spokesman for the TV personality says doctors have given Osbourne, 28, ‘‘a clean bill of health,’’ finding no conclusive results explaining why she collapsed on the set of E!’s ‘‘Fashion Police’’ last week.

Penn helps aid Haiti

An aid group run by Hollywood actor Sean Penn announced Tuesday it is receiving $8.75 million from the World Bank to help move Haitians off of a golf course where many have been living since the January 2010 earthquake. A statement from a public relations firm for Penn said that the money will go for rent subsidies or for new housing units. Some 14,000 people still live at the Petionville Club in plywood shacks. Sixty thousand lived there at one point.

Rodman plans return to North Korea

Former professional basketball star Dennis Rodman says he plans to return to North Korea to vacation with Kim Jong Un. Rodman met with the authoritarian leader in late February during a visit that was not endorsed by the US State Department. Rodman’s visit came during a period of tension between the countries over North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing.

Mass appeal?


“The money keeps coming for Scola and we’ve been forced to slash his odds.” - Jessica Bridge, of Ladbrokes, the British betting company, which had Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan as the frontrunner to be the next pope.