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    Vince Wilfork responds to Ted Johnson’s comment about his wife

    Everyone knows talk radio is a bastion of bozos, but Ted Johnson reinforced that impression Friday. The former Pats linebacker hosts a show in Houston, and when some genius called in and asked Johnson to name the teammate who had the “ugliest spouse,” he responded: “He won’t hear this — Vince Wilfork.” Classy, Ted. Of course, Big Vince, who unlike Johnson is a certain Hall of Famer, did hear it and responded on Twitter. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it is [expletive] when a x-teammate that I actually looked up to and enjoyed playing with takes shots at my wife,” Wilfork wrote. “I love my wife and my family. She is my everything. I don’t care when this was said. No one should cross that line. . . . You don’t want to [expletive] with me or my family. Take shots at me all day but not them.” Johnson quickly apologized via Twitter: “Vince and his family are outstanding people who I have admired since they arrived in NE. I learned a big lesson today and feel terrible.”
    Bianca Wilfork
    spoke up, too, on her Instagram page: “In this day and age people forget it’s not about looks weight money or status . . . Love all the support but trust me I’m good.”