Dennis Leary to shoot pilot for FX

Aside from those annoying ads for Ford trucks, Denis Leary has kept a relatively low profile since “Rescue Me” went off the air a few years ago. But you can expect to see more of the Emerson grad in the coming months. Word is Leary is set to star in a new half-hour comedy on FX. The network announced that Leary will be the lead in “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll,” about a onetime lead singer of a much-loved rock band that broke up on the day their first album came out — because of the boorish behavior of Leary’s character. The show will apparently include original music and cameos from real-life rock stars. It starts shooting in the spring. . . . And fans of Louis C. K. should keep an eye on the comedian’s website. The Newton native told Jay Leno this week that “Tomorrow Night,” a movie he directed in 1998 starring Steve Carrell, Robert Smigel, J. B. Smoove, Rick Shapiro, Amy Poehler, and Conan O’Brien, will be available soon on his website. Meanwhile, Louis C. K.’s acting career is progressing. He had memorable roles in “Blue Jasmine” and “American Hustle.”