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    Joe Namath backs Patriots QB Tom Brady

    Kenmore via AP Images/File

    Patriots fans may not like Peyton Manning all that much, but their antipathy for the Broncos QB is not shared by everyone. According to Public Policy Polling’s latest NFL survey, Manning is the most admired signal caller in the NFL, garnering 22 percent of fans’s votes compared to 13 percent for Brady and Redskins QB Robert Griffin III. Brady did finish first in one category — least favorite quarterback — tallying 18 percent to Tim Tebow’s 12 percent. That some people don’t like TB12 comes as no surprise to former Jets QB Joe Namath, whose off-the-field flamboyance rubbed some people the wrong way back in the day. It’s just jealousy, “Broadway Joe” said in a recent interview. “It is the wins No. 1, then because he is so visible [why he is disliked],” said Namath (right), who used to be photographed wearing fur, usually with a pretty woman on his arm. (Brady, meanwhile, has his picture plastered on the side of buildings, usually wearing Uggs.) “Opponents having to play against Brady have to be legitimately angry seeing his smile on the sideline after touchdowns,” Namath said. “It’s kind of a compliment to be disliked by so many opponents. It comes from winning first.” Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, says the hype surrounding her husband during the playoffs has no effect on the family. “He’s very focused,” the 33-year-old supermodel said of the three-time Super Bowl champ. “We are both very supportive of one another in what we do. . . . Of course nobody likes to lose. Those aren’t the best days. He knows he does his best. He works extremely hard.” In an interview with the AP, the Brazilian beauty said the couple relaxes in different ways. “At night, if my husband is watching TV and watching football, I have my little book and I put something in my ears so I don’t hear it and I put my light [on] and have my book and I’m like, ‘Ohhh.’ ” she said. “He’s feeding his soul and that’s important to him to watch football. I only want to watch if I’m watching him.”