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Carving out space for a stress-free Sabbath

At the intersection of religion and real estate, the eruv is a ritual enclosure vital to most Orthodox communities. By Shira Springer

location, location, location

// What is it like to live in Lenox?

Incorporated in 1767 Lenox was “discovered” during the Gilded Age – that is, “wealthy New Yorkers decided it was a nice place to spend the summer.”

location, location, location

// The home your money buys in Lenox

A sampling of homes for sale in Lenox includes a midcentury modern home with a large screened-in porch for $265,000.

// Fall style tips for your patio

September and October give homeowners a break from the summer’s heat and allow them to enjoy outdoor spaces in milder temperatures.

Realtors auto-dial in search of higher sales

Some real estate agents are picking up on a promotional tool once reserved for telemarketers and politicians -- the auto-dialer.

// Go wild: Plant species tulips for early color

Clones of the botanical or species tulips you can plant and forget. Neglect them. Sear them under the sun.

Next door: Town comparison tool

Choose two Greater Boston communities and see how they stack up against each other.


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// How do I ripen tomatoes faster before the frost?

Carol Stocker answers your questions about flowers, plants, vegetables, soil, and more.

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Is installing a wood stove a DIY project?

Peter Hotton answers your questions about leaks, cracks, drips, chips, and more.

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Design New England

The root district Schoolhouse (photo taken circa 1921–1923) is in Norwich, Vermont, a town that once had 19 one-room schoolhouses in operation. An effort to preserve the building led to it being added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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Room for improvement

From Colonial times, educating the populace was a priority, and teaching young minds the challenge of the one-room schoolhouse.