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Chris Morris paid $2,800 for her pellet stove.

Chris morris/globe staff

Chris Morris paid $2,800 for her pellet stove, seen here in the great room.

Pellet stove savings will warm your heart

One homeowner was spending crazy amounts of money to heat her old N.H. farmhouse, and then she got a pellet stove. By Chris Morris

// Tips for winterizing your home

Preparing your home for winter can save you money and energy and take some of the snap out of the biting cold.

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Should you be concerned about those noises in the fireplace?

Peter Hotton answers your questions about leaks, cracks, drips, chips, and more.

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Myriad limits placed on in-law apartments

Hugh Fitzpatrick answers your questions about titles, transactions, and more.

Next door: Town comparison tool

Choose two Greater Boston communities and see how they stack up against each other.


location, location, location

// What is it like to live in Westborough?

The things that led retired art teacher John Hayes to leave Westborough as a teen were what kept him here when he returned a dozen years later.

location, location, location

// What your money buys in Westborough

A sampling of homes for sale in Westborough includes an antique Colonial with a first-floor master bedroom for $349,000.

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// Decorating with Christmas trees

Three interior designers help sort out some options and share advice on stylishly decorating with holiday trees and branches.

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