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Studying up on ‘smart homes’

Transforming your property into a ‘smart home’ is a lot less expensive than you think.

shirley leung

A cautionary tale on high-tech houses

What we discovered the hard way is that when something breaks, it’s not like someone from the IT department can make a house call.

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Prevent wet cellar walls and flooded lawns

Carpenter Rob Robillard offers expert advice on keeping your basement dry.

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Listing for sale before you buy

Real estate broker Anthony Lamacchia answers your questions about buying, selling, the market, and more.

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// More tips on banishing woodchucks — and moles

R. Wayne Mezitt answers your questions about plants, design, function, and more.

Next door: Town comparison tool

Choose two Greater Boston communities and see how they stack up against each other.


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// What your money buys in Canton

A sampling of homes on the market in Canton includes a raised ranch for $479,000 and a five-bedroom Victorian for $749,900.

// Bay Area feasts watery eyes on cookers

Bay Area officials consider tighter rules on wood-burning ovens, grills, and meat smokers.

Bottom-tier homes on the rebound

Lower-valued homes were hit harder by the housing recession than luxury and high-end ones. But 2014 saw a solid comeback.

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