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Dawn illuminates vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina (top photo); the clifftop Tuscan village of Pitigliano is known for its white wines (above right); the Bordeaux-inspired aging cellar is a highlight of Mission Hill Family Estate in British Columbia (right).

Dawn illuminates vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina.

Wine lovers head off the beaten path

If you like sunshine, good weather, and great scenery, you’ll usually find all three in abundance wherever wine grapes are grown. By Patricia Harris and David Lyon

In contractor Paul Morse’s home, a wall and fireplace were removed for future flexibility, a new fireplace being built in at left. Morse specializes in renovations for aging homeowners.

Baby boomers remodel as they age

A lot of boomers are increasingly turning to certified “aging in place” remodelers and contractors who are trained to make homes more livable for seniors.

The Internet-connected home

Yes, that is your refrigerator telling you it’s out of milk, and your plant asking for water.

Boomers haunted by college debt

Here’s something baby boomers probably never envisioned: paying off college debt into their retirement.

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