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the one thing

Ministry of Supply creates a new clothing category

The local garment-meets-tech company offers performance professional apparel.


‘Swan Lake’ costumes at Copley Place

The Boston Ballet chose the Christian Dior boutique at Copley Place to debut the costumes for the new production of “Swan Lake.”

“Trio” stool by Infusion Furniture, $525 at Made In Fort Point, 315 A St., Boston


Short stops

Stools are an ideal place to perch a cocktail and rest your feet, too.

// Butler like ‘Downton’

At the Langham Boston, classes on how to set a table, communicate well, and anticipate needs . . . quietly.


// Simple, clean design puts focus on the views

The homeowners of this 1950s era house looked to Mark Lawton, of South Dartmouth-based Ikaria Homes, to open up the layout.

//}.jpg NFL spruces image — of female Pats fans

The NFL showed the love to its female fan base at Gillette Stadium. The ones who like to shop, at least.

Bargain Bin

// Two specials at Tommy Bahama

Ami Albernaz’s weekly roundup of bargains.

Style on the Street | Hot List

Chelsea boots, sassy sweats, and more

A longtime wardrobe staple of English rockers, chunky do-it-yourself knits, and design-your-own sweat shirts are trendy this season.

Style on the Street | Fashion Force

A visionary of 3-D-printed fashion

Imagine that: Perfectly tailored clothes, printed just for you.

Style on the Street | Runway Rundown

Trend watch: Plaids

Check out what’s new from fall runways in Boston boutiques.

Style magazine

special section

// The low-down on fall fashion trends

Hot red and checks from the runway, sassy slogan sweats, and more.

Your home


Enjoy the Globe Magazine’s Your Home issues? Catch up here.


//[1]-1422--90x90.jpg Happily ever after

A storybook celebration in the Berkshires, find your wedding style, and a view from the front lines of same-sex marriage.

Globe Magazine

// Best of the new: Shopping & services

Thirty-three ways to check everything you need — and want — off your list.

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