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From fashionistas to legal scholars, these tastemakers reveal how they set the city’s trends.

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tech nomad

Apps, devices turn their attention to visually impaired

From artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, a technological revolution is underway for the visually impaired.

American Rhino apparel


How a Kenyan safari gave birth to a clothing line — and a cause

Chris Welles never expected to get into the fashion game but his life changed in 2007 after a summer safari to Kenya.

One Thing

So we think they can dance

Fancy footwork comes to the Outer Cape, seeking audiences of all ages.

The Avoquado will you get you to the guacamole stage sooner

Like a Swiss army knife but with fewer moving parts, the Avoquado has a blunt wide knife at one end to cut the avocado and separate the halves. The handle is a scoop.

‘War for Planet of the Apes’ bests ‘Spider-Man’ at box office

Director Matt Reeves’s ‘‘War for the Planet of the Apes’’ pulled away thanks to strong reviews for the third installment of the rebooted ‘‘Apes’’ franchise.

ask amy

Couple rented house to friends, now aren’t sure how to get them out

My husband and I rented our house to friends approximately two years ago, for substantially below-market rent. Shortly after they moved in, property values started going up and we hinted that we would like to sell the property when they vacated it.

Sara Campbell is sad but excited about the move.


Sara Campbell to move headquarters

The brand will still retain 20 shops throughout New England and Florida and host a moving sale at her old digs from July 20 through July 23.

the hot ticket

Dorchester Brewing has anniversary party on tap

Beer, bacon, and even a possible appearance by Keytar Bear conspire to create an enchanting Saturday, July 22, when Dorchester Brewing Company hosts its one-year anniversary.

Ask Amy

Newcomer’s negligee appalls club members

Advice for the Real World

Shot glasses made of Himalayan salt

Imagine being able to give tequila an all-natural salt boost without the usual salty mess.

Connor Bradley jumped through a hoop on City Hall Plaza during a lunch break.

Nestor Ramos

Boston has tried everything to make City Hall Plaza more fun. So why not vast quantities of pizza?

Boston has tried just about everything to improve City Hall Plaza, so how about a thorough slathering in cheese and sauce?

Ahsan and Meryum Ali and their son 2-year-old Zeeshan enjoyed the fun along Memorial Drive on July Fourth.

Celebrating Fourth of July as a Muslim in the age of Trump

The Khans have celebrated Fourth of July in Boston for decades, but things are changing for them under the Trump administration.

Mini Emporium pops up at suburban farmers’ markets, town days, and retail centers like Chestnut Hill’s The Street.


Think Nordstrom for kids, on wheels

Candy-colored Mini Emporium, packed with fashions for kids up to 8 years old, pops up at suburban farmers’ markets, town days, and retail centers like Chestnut Hill’s The Street every week.

The One Thing

Beloved Charles Street boutique pops up in Rockport

Good at The Shop at No. 06, open through the end of August, showcases pieces for laid-back living.

A father-daughter dance in Atlanta (left), created by radio personality Ryan Cameron, welcomes all family connections for the event.

Father-daughter dances learn some new steps

The long-cherished dances are changing to include same-sex couples, single moms, and other less traditional family arrangements.

from the bar

Rosé, lobster dip, and the best seat in the house

At Abby Park in Milton, manager Jeffrey Cantela invites guests to settle in at a high-top with a breezy view to the bustle of Adams Street.

John and Kelsey.

sunday’s child

John and Kelsey want a family together

John and Kelsey are loving and close siblings. Legally free for adoption, they are looking forward to having a mom and a dad.


Made in Maine

Meet Vacationland’s makers — minus the mosquitos — in this beautiful new book.

The One Thing

Sunshine State of mind

Shop Palm Beach by way of the Freedom Trail at Place & Gather in Charlestown.

A branch of Filson, one of three retailers opening in the Seaport in the coming months.

Bonobos, Filson, and Mr. Sid to open in Seaport

The three retailers will join new-to-the-neighborhood brands like L.L. Bean and Bluemercury.

from the bar

The Dragon Lady is very cool

The Dragon Lady, a signature offering at Lion’s Tail, can be fashioned into a perfect summer drink.


It’s time to give sour beer another shot

Night Shift Brewery cofounder Michael Oxton thinks there’s a sour beer for everyone at the upcoming We’re Funk’d Festival.

Catie Copley with Joe Fallon at an Animal Rescue League of Boston Summer Party in 2014.


Catie Copley Day declared in Boston

In addition to receiving formal recognition from Mayor Walsh, the Fairmont Copley Plaza’s late pooch ambassador was honored with a plaque at the hotel.

The One Thing

Palmy weather

This leafy print serves up summer.

My Instagram

Blending skill and chance

Yanan Sui says her photography skills are the result of hours of hard work and practice.

Linda Belkebir models jewelry by Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic.


Jewelry that celebrates fearless women

Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic has launched an “Iconic Women” campaign showcasing nontraditional models wearing her ornate, fair-trade jewels.

Take that necktie off, and bury it

Once viewed as the centerpiece of the American businessman uniform for men, the tie today seems to be going the way of the cufflink.

This milliner’s touch helps to top it all off

Decisions about the right one, however, can be fraught.

Golden doodles, whoodles, and giant schnoodles — oh my!

Poodles are being mixed with every breed imaginable. Everyone loves their Goldendoodles and Labradoodles — except purebred poodle breeders.

Joanne Chang

Chefs to dish on the industry at Milk Street

Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery, Tony Maws of Craigie on Main, and Susan Regis of Shepard will convene at Milk Street on June 15.

Michelle Carter is on trial, accused of encouraging her friend, via text, to kill himself.

Two very different stories of teenagers gone wrong. Both have Boston parents worried about their own kids.

The cases of Michelle Carter and the students whose Harvard acceptances were rescinded have parents worried about how to protect their children from the trouble they can get into online.

A New Hampshire lake scene from Jewels by Brookline’s Toni Strassler.


Jewelry designs drawn with wire

Toni Strassler specializes in cloisonné and favors landscapes that inspire.

My Instagram

Capturing the images before his eyes

Neal Kharawala wants each of his photos to tell a story.

The One Thing

Pass the crayons please

Don Carney and John Ross have created the first “PATCH NYC Coloring Book.’’

The Maine Beer Box, featuring Maine beers on tap, is headed to a festival in Iceland.


Maine sends a shipment of beer — in a truck — to Iceland

It was the brainchild of Maine Brewer’s Guild executive director Sean Sullivan, who hatched the idea over beers at a reception in Portland for a delegation from the city of Reykjavik in 2015.


Author Michael Ruhlman loves to check out grocery stores

Researching his new book, “Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America,” meant Michael Ruhlman got to do what he loves: Hang out in the grocery store.

Pastry chef Renae Connolly at Benedetto in Cambridge.

Dessert oasis: A new generation of pastry chefs emerges

In an industry undergoing a staffing crisis, their innovative techniques make these young chefs all the more valuable.

Ask Amy

Expatriate goes on a long guilt trip

Relationship advice from Amy Dickinson.

The One Thing

One-of-a-kind dads

Made-to-measure masterpieces for your father’s big day


She built a better recycling bin

Recycling bins have long needed an upgrade. Whitney Ferrell, an environmental lawyer with an eye for design, has created a simple solution.

Buddy Cianci in 1999.

Other celebrity news

TV show about Buddy Cianci planned

A nephew of Cianci said that interest in the late former Providence mayor is high due to the recently concluded podcast ‘‘Crimetown.’’

How a Boston designer just created a museum of American writers

A retired manufacturing executive began the Herculean task of creating a museum for American writers. To finish it, he needed Boston design guru Andrew Anway.

The One Thing

Little lovelies at Kodomo (annex)

Edgy fashions in miniature — plus a play area — define new Beacon Hill boutique

Yes, rompers for men are a real thing

A kickstarter is promising loads of fun to be had in adult onesies for men.

Ask Amy

He is suddenly making comments about her weight

Her male friend is having some health issues. The last few times she has visited, he has made disparaging and critical remarks about her weight. He has never done this before.


Parents bemoan daughter’s Bridezilla transformation

Our 25-year-old daughter was a strong, compassionate, emphatic, loving person until her upcoming wedding turned her into a self-centered brat.