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From fashionistas to legal scholars, these tastemakers reveal how they set the city’s trends.

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Filipov and Annear trade blows at The Knights Hall

Baby Boomers and millennials swap slang


Harvard’s dead moth


Curvy women of Boston, unite!

Move over, New York Fashion Week: The second annual Boston Curvy Fashion Week kicks off July 24.

Puppet librarian stocks room full of puppets

Out of the office? Not really, not ever.

That little phrase manages to capture the anxiety American workers feel about taking their vacation time.

An updated guest room at The Charles Hotel.


A room upgrade at The Charles

This latest renovation at The Charles Hotel is a room-by-room update that is sleek but still has New England touches.


Men warming up to consignment shopping

Retailers say interest among men for discounted, designer duds is clearly there.

There’s an app for that is a virtual place for your physical stuff

Thinga.Me is a new app that creates a digital archive of your physical stuff.


Petal power

If you have a yard, one that must be tended daily each summer, it can be especially relaxing to drive away from it — so as to enjoy the greenery somewhere else.

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Brian McWilliams

Back Bay resident Brian McWilliams documents his brownstone-lined commute to Beacon Hill.

Someone is watching your Uber driver

Ride-hailing service Uber is tracking personal driver behavior after a series of app updates, the company announced last week.


Who can afford a new car?

As prices for new vehicles continue to rise, the cost of an average new car may be a stretch for typical households.

A seating nook just inside the front door features a fireplace, two century-old benches, and a colorful painting by Jill Ricci.

Gloucester fishing cottage gets a new life

With a rambling landscape dotted with rustic cottages and weathered bungalows built in the early 1900s, Annisquam, a small waterfront neighborhood in Gloucester, is an enclave shrouded in time.

The old fried clam place: Woodman's

The Skinny Dip on Nantucket


Naked ambition

A trio of entrepreneurs open The Skinny Dip, an outpost of stylish summer essentials.

Happy birthday, Canada!

July 1 is Canada Day, when our northern neighbor turns 149. No doubt you’re thinking: How can I celebrate? Try building an inuksuk.

Designer Kate Maloney brought handmade oars and a deep blue bed to give the master bedroom its beach feel.

Bringing the beach inside

The homeowners loved the fresh, clean, and light appeal of their newly built home in Cataumet, on Cape Cod.

Hiking through the alpine landscape around St. Anton am Arlberg makes for some dramatic scenery.


Breathtaking views and a N.H. connection

Everyone in St. Anton knows of North Conway. The two towns share a crucial connection thanks to the man depicted in that bronze statue, Hannes Schneider.

there’s an app for that

Public app broadcasts your chats

Like a text based talk-show, the new app Public broadcasts your chats.

the one thing

Close to home

Interior designer Elizabeth Benedict opens a studio a few doors down

Florence Stewart at Catwalk for BMC Cancer Care in 2015.


On the catwalk to support BMC

Boston Medical Center’s fashion show raises money for services such as acupuncture and massage.

Cleveland Cavaliers fans hold up signs before the arrival of the team in Cleveland after winning the NBA Championship.

With Cleveland off the hook, what city assumes the role of most pitiful sports town?

A handful of other cities own streaks of athletic ineptitude that have — up to now — been overshadowed by Cleveland’s other-worldly woes.

Precious guitar undergoes CT scan

Ian Robertson, BMW’s head of sales, says the luxury carmaker is planning for a future where cars are shared by many people.

BMW’s Mini concept prepares for future without car ownership

Mini is planning for a future when traditional vehicle ownership will be optional and its model line will consist of free-floating robo-cars.

By John Paul Stapleton | globe correspondent

My Instagram: Justin Landsman

Justin Landsman is a recent UMass Amherst grad whose Instagram features fellow students and local scenery.

There’s an app for that

I SEA puts the eyes of the world to work saving migrants

I SEA uses satellite images, GPS, and the eyes of its users to search for migrants at sea.

the one thing

Lake lounger

Vermont-made chairs celebrate original outdoor style

A sunset on Nantucket is something to behold — and the price is right.


Cheap thrills on Nantucket — seriously

Is there a way to enjoy Nantucket’s undeniable charms without breaking the bank? We queried a random mix of Nantucket insiders to get their best bargain tips.

Gronk has a new show about people crashing into each other

Rihanna donned a caftan while out and about in New York last month.


So where do you stand on the caftan?

Caftans are the rare piece of clothing that makes women feel good about themselves. But not everyone’s smitten. Men, for instance.

The One Thing

Vibrant visions

Luxury label takes up residence at Copley Place

Blake Sims founded a summer program that teaches teens business concepts.

What I did this summer: started a company

A summer program for high school teens focuses on teaching business concepts to help them brainstorm ideas, seek out mentors, and pitch solutions to investors.

An SUV equipped with an automatic braking system is tested at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Vehicle Research Center in Ruckersville, Va.


Few insurers cut rates for new electronic safety devices

The Associated Press found that of the 11 biggest US auto insurers, only two offer discounts for the new electronic braking systems.

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Darrick Chan

Since moving to Boston from Chicago two years ago, Darrick Chan has charted his experiences on the East Coast through social media

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Jeanine Farley

On Instagram, Somerville resident Jeanine Farley’s bio describes her account (@jeanine554) simply as “photos of things that catch my eye.”


Gilding the lily

Architectural magnificence and an abundance of blooms at the Newport Flower Show

The sitting area of a three-season room, formerly a screened-in porch, in Milton.

Home Design

A screened-in porch becomes a three-season room

The owners of this gracious Tudor in Milton cherish the home’s original turn-of-the-20th century elements.

Boston, MA - 05/29/2016 - Disclosure perform at Boston Calling on Sunday night. (Ben Stas for The Boston Globe)


Boston Calling seeks ‘Superfans’ for 2017 presale tickets

The festival is releasing 1,000 three-day “Superfan” passes at 10 a.m. Thursday for the annual Memorial Day monolith.

The One Thing

Building a better apron

Strapt aims for a cost-effective, functional, and stylish solution.

The Old Bags Project spotlights the insidiousness of ageism

The project is simple and striking: photographs of women in their underwear with shopping bags over their heads, commenting on their experiences of midlife.

Victoria’s Secret models during the the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York.

A cheeky elegy for the Victoria’s Secret catalog

The surprise isn’t that Victoria’s Secret is killing its mail-order catalog. It’s that it took them this long.

The wisdom of the ages

Quotes from the book “Old Bags Taking a Stand.”

Above: The names and locations of the 25 gates that surround Harvard Yard.

The gates of Harvard Yard

“I want people to stop and notice the gates because they’re beautiful,” says Blair Kamin, who edited the new book “Gates of Harvard Yard.”


How millennials’ buying habits could make purses better

Millennials put more effort into comparing options and look for different features than their mothers and grandmothers.