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From fashionistas to legal scholars, these tastemakers reveal how they set the city’s trends.

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Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

Frollz rolled ice cream

One of many door knockers found on Beacon Hill.

Peripheral vision

Knockin’ on Beacon Hill’s door. . .

Photo essay of Beacon Hill door knockers, by David Ryan

There’s an app for that

Facebook app Lifestage takes social media back to school

“The young people” aren’t as smitten with Facebook as once they were, and Facebook will do anything it can to lure them back.

by Marni Katz | globe correspondent

Color me easy

Online painting service supplies everything you need, even the painter


Some advice on what your tie says about you

In an era of business casual, what happened to the natty gents of yore? They still exist in profusion.

Instructor Brent Trail conducts classes for participants at the Team O’Neil Rally School in northern New Hampshire. After lessons in the classroom, participants get in rally cars and take them out on the road.


N.H. racing school teaches the basics of controlled mayhem

The school’s main purpose is to impart the integral skills of rally racing, an off-track motorsport.

The sounds of emotions

Sunflower risotto, from chef Charles Draghi at Erbaluce.

Those sunflowers look delicious

You see pretty yellow blossoms. Chefs see tasty new possibilities.

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights


Making a back-to-school checklist

A quick primer for parents, expecially the anxious and the inexperienced.

Chef Evan Hennessey forages for plants with his son, Kaden.


Foraging for that unique flavor

Chef Evan Hennessey forages the land — and sea — to find plants and other natural treasures to add to his menu at Stages restaurant in Dover, N.H.

“Nike Chariot Earring” poster.

hot ticket

Indie film fest at Brattle features docs, table reads, and celebration

Yes, movie megaplexes can be posh — those chairs! those cocktails! — but there’s nothing quite like an indie flick at the Brattle Theatre.

Peripheral Vision

Safe, no more

Safe deposit boxes are already an endangered species, as people increasingly keep their documents in so-called “digital vaults.”

Match book: Adventuresome reader looking for authors who make their nonfiction hard to resist

Reader: Anonymous, Newton


How a writer’s reckless sexual tourism put Olympians at risk

A story by Nico Hines for The Daily Beast potentially outed and jeopardized the safety of multiple athletes.


Seeing pop culture through nails

Stylists say nail art has reached new heights of intricacy and creativity, driven by pop culture.

hot ticket

Lions and tigers and beers

You know what pairs extremely well with beer? Frolicking with exotic animals.

Take 2: Jason Bourne

Newport’s Vanderbilt Grace offers a dog room-service menu.

More hotels are letting the dogs in

We are bringing the pup along on vacation more often, and some hotels are OK with that.

Hilary Marino of Hello Caroline


Shopping with millennials in mind

This generation has priorities, and brick-and-mortars have to take notice to succeed.

London’s taxi drivers staged a protest against Uber in 2014.


London’s black cabs bet future on 119-year-old technology

London’s iconic black cabs are banking their future on a 19th century technology: the electric motor.

A lookout in the Berkshires


Road trip time

Three memorable journeys through New England provide rich rewards.


Barrel House Z’s different approach to brewing

A key variable in Barrel House Z’s plan is barrel aging.


Children’s clothes with softness, simplicity in mind

Kodomo will focus on small-produced, ethically-sourced clothing that’s soft, subtle, and natural.


From Susan Sarandon to Miss Cleo, the week online

From Susan Sarandon to Miss Cleo, a review of the week in things.

Realist Art Competition.mp4

Filipov and Annear trade blows at The Knights Hall

Baby Boomers and millennials swap slang


Harvard’s dead moth


Curvy women of Boston, unite!

Move over, New York Fashion Week: The second annual Boston Curvy Fashion Week kicks off July 24.

Puppet librarian stocks room full of puppets

Out of the office? Not really, not ever.

That little phrase manages to capture the anxiety American workers feel about taking their vacation time.

An updated guest room at The Charles Hotel.


A room upgrade at The Charles

This latest renovation at The Charles Hotel is a room-by-room update that is sleek but still has New England touches.


Men warming up to consignment shopping

Retailers say interest among men for discounted, designer duds is clearly there.

There’s an app for that is a virtual place for your physical stuff

Thinga.Me is a new app that creates a digital archive of your physical stuff.

Mary Baker and Travis Bissel chased Pokémon in the Public Garden.

Are you playing ‘Pokémon Go?’

For now, fans of Pokémon Go seem happy to devote chunks of free time to chasing cartoon birds and sea horses.


Petal power

If you have a yard, one that must be tended daily each summer, it can be especially relaxing to drive away from it — so as to enjoy the greenery somewhere else.

My Instagram

Brian McWilliams

Back Bay resident Brian McWilliams documents his brownstone-lined commute to Beacon Hill.

Someone is watching your Uber driver

Ride-hailing service Uber is tracking personal driver behavior after a series of app updates, the company announced last week.


Who can afford a new car?

As prices for new vehicles continue to rise, the cost of an average new car may be a stretch for typical households.

A seating nook just inside the front door features a fireplace, two century-old benches, and a colorful painting by Jill Ricci.

Gloucester fishing cottage gets a new life

With a rambling landscape dotted with rustic cottages and weathered bungalows built in the early 1900s, Annisquam, a small waterfront neighborhood in Gloucester, is an enclave shrouded in time.

The old fried clam place: Woodman's

The Skinny Dip on Nantucket


Naked ambition

A trio of entrepreneurs open The Skinny Dip, an outpost of stylish summer essentials.

Happy birthday, Canada!

July 1 is Canada Day, when our northern neighbor turns 149. No doubt you’re thinking: How can I celebrate? Try building an inuksuk.

Designer Kate Maloney brought handmade oars and a deep blue bed to give the master bedroom its beach feel.

Bringing the beach inside

The homeowners loved the fresh, clean, and light appeal of their newly built home in Cataumet, on Cape Cod.