Duncan Hughes

Interior designer Duncan Hughes.

Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff

Interior designer Duncan Hughes.


Age 47

Occupation Founder of Duncan Hughes Interiors


Residence South End

Your interiors mix modern and vintage pieces. Do you take the same approach to fashion?

I’m not much of a vintage clothing person — the fit just isn’t right. But I shop for furniture and clothing in the same way. I’m looking for quality, value, proper scale, and the ability to work well with other pieces. I avoid shopping at mass merchandizers for clients, and I do the same with fashion.

How do you dress for work?

One minute I’m meeting with clients, and the next I’m on a construction site in a hard hat. I’m lucky if I’m wearing jeans and one of my 35 pairs of Converse, but I’ve soiled quite a few suits with drywall.

Converse? What kinds?

Oh, all of them — laceless, high, low, John Varvatos, everything.  — A.G.

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